Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Are Animals Aware of Trail Cams?

Desert Sasquatch on youtube posted the following video of one of their research areas, and some of the wildlife their camera captured. Check it out:


  1. According to nurse Squat, the photo shown is an entire colony of sasquai. He will have accompanying red dot eyes drawn with marker and little smiley faces colored in with crayola crayons soon. Ka-poop!

  2. "Desert Squatch" but still no Doctor Squatch? R u guys trolling? Half the comments on this website are about Doc, he is the only researcher that regularly comes to this website and you guys wont even publish his work? WTF am I missing here?

    1. You gotta be kidding me. "Publish his work." His "work" is available for viewing on youtube. Once you watch several of his videos, you will quickly see why no one other than him recognizes his "work" as anything other than what it is: Shrubs, rocks, trees, and foliage, all blurred out.

    2. *AreYouNotEntertained.GIF

      Homeboy, BF is all about entertainment.....and, atleast Doc is earnest about his 'entertainment' where the rest seem more than happy to believe in Standing's muppet hoaxes and Freezer Boy Dyer.

      Furthermore, the stuff Doc has talked about for years is no being picked up by more 'popular researchers", like Reo with his blue bag/tarp findings and many others with their revelation that these things vibrate at a higher frequency. Doc simply puts in more time and is ahead of the curve and I am stating this simply from an objective standpoint, in that what he says is picked up on years later. Say what you want but everyone that comes to this site is atleast interested in his work if nothing more than entertainment, and whence you realize NO ONE is ever going to capture one of these things, it is all just entertainment and Doc is one fine entertainer as evidenced by the fact that we are talking about him in a thread in which he has nothing to do with.

    3. shrubs and trees eh?
      Then why has no one else been able to replicate my amazing evidence ?
      I'll tell you why, because I'm a forest zen master who has taken years to achieve that level.
      Still waiting for Ikdummy to post his photos. if i can do it in 5 minutes what's his excuse ?
      epic failure !


    4. Holy moly! You are smoking meth and having massive delusions if you truly believe that your blurs are evidence. Not amazing evidence, but simply "evidence." Evidence: to show, reveal, display, etc. I do not imply that I have ever attempted to photograph a cryptid, nor do I claim to have photos of them but I have observed a sasquatch for several minutes. I was so shocked and full of fear that I did not think to attempt to photograph the creature. I am always trying to be optimistic when looking a pictures or videos of purported bigfoot/sasquatch. One of your photos seems to vaguely show what might be a "something" but you do so many enhancements to bring the picture into view that it would never stand in a court of law due to so much manipulation of the original photo. The rest of your stuff (in my opinion) is your absolute desire to see/find a sasquatch that everything you look at through a view finder you convince yourself is a cryptid when it is simply a stump or tree branch, etc.

  3. Do animals recognize the presence of a game cam? I would be surprised if they did not.

    Bears have the best sense of smell of all land animals, much better than even a blood hound. They have been known to travel up to 18 miles in a straight line to reach a food source. Grizzlies can smell an elk carcass underwater, and polar bears can smell a seal through 3 feet of ice. Of course they can pick-up human scents from a trail cam and investigate it.

    Humans can hear sounds up to about 19khz in frequency. Cats can hear extremely high sounds up to 77khz -- far above what even dogs can hear. Their hearing is many times more sensitive than a humans or a dog's, and their ears rotate up to 180 degrees. They are exceptionally good at identifying the direction of a sound. It is likely that cameras produce extremely high frequency sounds that cats can hear but humans cannot.

  4. Of course animals are aware of trailcams in the area.

    Whether they know how they are operated or where to buy them is another matter.

  5. Why the hell do people think others want to watch 20+ minutes of them walking around ruminating?