Thursday, May 18, 2017

All Bets Are Off at This Bigfoot Location

Robert Dodson is pulling out all the stunts at his research site, but will it prove fruitful?


  1. Country is cool but Bluegrass Rules!

    and Bigfoot doesn't exist, sorry freaks.

    1. Oh dear, still begging for attention every day, Stuey?

      Maybe one day you'll convince someone around here of your bigfoot hoaxing conspiracy theory? To most people, a freak would be someone psychologists are labelling as sadistic. Considering you're a conspiracy theorist in response to peer reviewed science to boot, it's no wonder you're so angry all the time. And you appeared to be doing so well learning word like ichnotaxon Anthropoidipes ameriborealis... Don't worry. You've got your fake Iktomi account as a last resort.

      This is your blog now, Stuey, and all your audience is expecting more of you... Time to step things up son. Surely you can get even nastier?

    2. Ikdummy: Uneducated Meets Keyboard

      Do you go back and read you drivel after you sober up?

    3. But this is how it works for you, of course...

      You say "duh bigfoot doesn't exist" = I present evidence that makes you look stupid = you then counter with "duh bigfoot doesn't exist, you're uneducated", every day of your life.

      It's your blog now... Surely you can step up your game?

    4. You actually need to produce evidence of a giant ape man and you've failed on every front, the fact is the Forest people are magic dimensional aliens, fact


      I could post that link and watch you deny it's there like some pathological deviant aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall day long if need be. It's not like anyone else comes here to worry about spamming.

      : )

    6. Why produce the actual creature when you can make excuses and promote fake footprints?

      10 foot tall hairy apemrn that live in the United States, scream, knock on wood, throw rocks, and are often spotted are sooooo hard to get focused photos of, much less capture.

    7. There is as of yet, not one consorted professional effort to track the impressions left by Sasq'ets, and apart from circular reasoning, a logical fallacy, you have never once presented a reason to not consider the track impressions used in Meldrum's paper as authentic. Reality check; NOBODY has ever done that and that's why they're published in a journal.

      And you're nearly 50 years off with the clear photo;

    8. Back to the patterson hoax. Circular reasoning.

      Okay ikdummy, no clear hoaxed photo in 48 years.

    9. Facts...

      1. No costume in 1967, or any costume to this day in fact, can be pointed to as an example of how the apparent biological tissue on Patty's "costume" was achieved.

      2. The track impressions left by Patty were scientifically substantiated when tracks sourced in China via a Yeren sighting, were shown to have the exact same archaic foot morphology.

      ... That is not circular reasoning. "Roger Patter was a con man, because Roger Patterson was a con man", and, "Bigfoot doesn't exists because Bigfoot doesn't exist"... Is circular reasoning, you stupid boy.

    10. 1. "apparent" biological tissue is in the eye of the beholder. Nothing conclusive from a photo. Absurd.

      2. It is possible to create similarly hoaxed tracks in 2 different parts of the world. Silly.

    11. Um no...

      1. It's in the eye of anyone willing to open the links and see for themselves that the biological tissue of Patty is easily comparable to that of an elderly person;

      1A. It's also in the eye of a pioneering plastic surgeon;

      2. Hoaxers from different continents would have to have guessed a shared morphology of Sasq'ets foot, encompassing total accuracy regarding bipedal evolution that only few academics on the planet understand.

      2.A. Different parts of the world. Fact;

    12. Anyway Stuey, it was fun mind bending you for another day. I'm now going to leave this cesspit of a blog for another couple of weeks and relegate you to "nobody status" again while zero people stoop as low as to respond to you.

      Fancy that? You don't exist, you are nothing unless someone chimes in to make you look like an idiot.

      Oh dear.

      : )

  2. Where, have you been JOE!