Saturday, April 22, 2017

Vermont Bigfoot Public Expeditions

From Impossible Visits and Chris Noel:

There are a few spots still available for Expeditions #2 and #3: June 18-20 in Central Vermont and July 23-25 in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

If interested, contact me at

*All expedition members must to be at least 18 years of age or else accompanied by an adult.
*All members must be in good enough physical shape for moderate hiking.
*All members are responsible for bringing food and drink, though most meals will be communally shared.
*All members must bring their own tent and all other necessary camping gear for two days deep in the woods.
*All members must sign a form affirming that they are participating in the expedition at their own risk and will not hold Wild Vermont Expeditions responsible for any physical injuries incurred during the experience.
*Any photographic, video, or audio evidence obtained by a member during the expedition is the sole property of that member and can be used by Wild Vermont Expeditions only by permission.
*There is no alcohol or illegal drugs allowed on Wild Vermont Expeditions.


  1. This is a joke btw find a forest and look for sign or just enjoy natures ancient beauty dumb s o b's

  2. I don't think that there are sasquatches in New England.

    They migrate in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, Ohio (occasionally straying into neighboring states), and southern Florida. There may also be small populations that migrate in the Colorado/Utah areas.

    That's it!

    1. They are 100% in New England. I saw three in VT as a logger. Vermont, Maine, NH have incredibly remote wilderness that adjoins unlimited wilderness. I could get on my horse and ride to northern Canada just on snow mobile trails. Northern Vermont has some of the highest percentage of sightings per people, the thing is there is just no people and it's all wilderness. You think Ohio and Florida would have them but not VT? B8tch Please....