Friday, April 21, 2017

Utah Sasquatch Surrounded By Bigfoot

Utah Sasquatch in a hot bed of activity, gets surrounded by possible bigfoot creatures.


  1. Using Mark's phone??? Where's all the new camera equipment from the money you stole off people????
    Lying Charlatan with no proof!

    1. isnt this utah guy the same guy that iktomi is trying to marry for citizenship???

  2. I have a random question for anyone. Last summer I heard a dogman story told by a North Carolina State trooper. He withheld his name for fear of his job. I told my son and and his friends about it while driving them to the airport. He asked about which website the story was on and I told him. He could not find it. I went looking for it too on all of the dogman sites and could not find it. Did anyone else hear the story? Just curious. Could it have been scrubbed?

  3. Filming with a borrowed banana.

  4. Utah Sasquatch has already been busted by Reddit going into the field faking a bunch of drama & then going back to the studio & adding faked bigfoot audio in post production. Lame Utah Scam Squatch