Saturday, April 22, 2017

Todd Standing Interviews Jeff Meldrum About His Bigfoot Experience

Todd Standing sits down with Jeff Meldrum, and discusses bigfoot and Meldrum's bigfoot experiences while with Todd out in the field.


  1. Todd Standing is in the Bigfoot Hoaxer Hall of Shame:

    Dr. Meldrum isn't doing himself any favors by associating with Todd Standing.

    1. Bigfoot doesn't exist. There is no hall of shame. Everyone is having fun. If anyone belongs in a hall of shame, it's the idiots that aren't profiting from Bigfoot and are diehard believers. Patterson is smart. Rick Dyer is smart. Meldrum is smart. Standing is smart if he's making money. I'm not familiar with Standing enough to know if he's making $.

    2. Poor angry Nicky B.

      If "Bigfoot" didn't exist... There wouldn't be physical evidence for it. And there's 50 years' worth of that physical evidence. Not only that, but you wouldn't have needed to use mere circular logic for the past six years as a means of explaining away that evidence. Not even cademics, people far cleverer than you, AND who don't need to post rape threats & racism to intimidate people away so your lies don't go unchallenged... Can explain away the evidence with logical scientific arguments that far exceed any embarrassing logical fallacy.

      Question... Who's making serious money from "Bigfoot"? Yeah, you've got people who write books, yeah you've got scientists charging money for lectures, yeah you've got people who make YouTube channels, but are they able to quit their day jobs (Meldrum specifically)? I'm always perplexed about this notion that "Bigfoot" is a "multi-million dollar industry", but where is the evidence for this? People still get ridiculed if they report seeing a Bigfoot, so isn't it a bit of a contraction to suggest these people are gonna benefit in any way from such?

      Patterson was "smart", so smart in fact that he was able to trump Hollywood SFX of today in "manufacturing" biological tissue... Yet, he apparently wasn't smart enough to get his timeline in order. So what is he? A genius or a fool? Your drivel isn't consistent.

      Do you know how much money Rick Dyer has made from a couple of news broadcasts and being ridiculed by the entire enthusiast community?

    3. Excellent points as always Iktomi !
      Skeptics keep mentioning Patterson's skill at creating the bigfoot but if he was that talented he would have been hired by any hollywood studio on the spot and his so called work tops anything the best hollywood SFX pros were doing at the time. Do you think he 'd be working various odd jobs here and there with that much talent ? of course not so the skeptics claims fall apart so easily like a hot knife through butter !
      Why has no "SFX expert" been able to duplicate the so called costume even though they have better materials to deal with. The last attempt was the huge failure by the berk who claimed he sold Patterson the costume.
      Epic bloody fail !


    4. U fool ikdummy. Uve never seen finding bigfoot, multiple books by multiple authors, movies, tv shows, tshirts, printed material, airfresheners, pillow cases, etc, etc..... with bigfoot imagery for multiple, multiple years....everything pop culture bigfoot related is $? Plus, Dyer has made 10s of thousands. Research him more. Ask him personally. He'll tell you exactly how. He may still have the info on his videos. But you'd rather post offensive material and blame it on the sane people.

    5. 3:31 epic "bloody" fail, huh? Blimey by jove gov'nuh

      ikdummy, talking back to herself.

    6. Bigfoot figurines, bigfoot in video games, the bone clone replica in meldrums hand, the bigfoot conventions where people go to spend $, bigfoot expeditions... If there's one thread or post that sums up how stupid Joe F1tzgerald is... 1:28 is it.

    7. Poor angry Little Nicky. You're about to get a whole lot angrier.

      You see... Bigfoot is free to put in your product. It's like anything that's free and in pop culture. Lions are free, tigers are free, bears a free. You don't have to pay anyone to use them. And with pop culture, naturally comes a demand for such things.

      But who's making serious money from "Bigfoot"? Meldrum can't quit his day job, and the money for more research isn't coming from anywhere else. You would like me to believe a hoaxer about how much he earns from hoaxing? Let's just go along with your "money making Dyer" scenario for a minute... That would amount to one person. Who else is making money from "Bigfoot"? Why aren't YOU making money from "Bigfoot"? Surely if it's that easy, why aren't you raking in the dollars? Do you even know what you're talking about?

      (Silly question)

      It's just too easy unraveling your little fantasy world, Nicky. I'll call back tomorrow and see if you can bring me some substance; figures, annual income... Maybe even one more person that's making 10's of thousands of dollars of "Bigfoot", that STILL wouldn't substantiate the drivel you've been pushing for the past six years about Bigfoot making millionaires.

      Poor angry Little Nicky.

      : (

    8. Did you even read my initial post?

      "If anyone belongs in a hall of shame, it's the idiots that aren't profiting from Bigfoot and are diehard believers."

      "AREN'T as in "ARE NOT". The idiots ARE NOT profiting.

      You idiots help create the industry with your blind make-believe while others profit. The SMART people profit. Iktomi equals dumb person.

      I'm not going to get into how much I've made off Bigfoot or if I even have. None of your business.

    9. ^ so tell us mate, how much did you really make off selling your bigfoot dildos ?
      I know you kept a few under your bed for days like today when you come on this blog (and come at home)
      Just make sure you clean off your screen after you're done bro


    10. Joe, don't post your name when you're posting offensive comments.

    11. Joe and ikdummy, you 2 boobs.. lol

    12. Fake Iktomi's out! You know when nerves are hit when Fake Iktomi appears!

      : )

      Oh I read your post, alright... And to suggest that people are idiots for not making money from "Bigfoot", suggests it must be easy to do so. So, I'll ask you again... Who's making money from "Bigfoot"? Who's making money off the back of my personal "make-believe"? Surely you know what you're talking about?? Surely you have some substance for your six year assertion???

      Something about a "post that sums up stupidity"?

      You're a silly little liar, Nicky B. I'll call back tomorrow to see if you have anything other than "ikdummy" going for ya!

      : )

    13. Offensive liar Ikdummy/Joe,,, the guy who lies that he's not Joe F and lies about 9 foot tall hairy men.....

      Google image or shopping search "Bigfoot Merchandise", Ikstupid.

      Google image or shopping search "Bigfoot Books", Ikstupid.

      Google image or shopping search "Bigfoot Movies", Ikstupid.

      Google image or shopping search "Bigfoot TV", Ikstupid.

      Google search "Bigfoot Conference", Ikstupid.

      Go here, ikdummy: ....expeditions, ikstupid

      I could go on and on, ikdummy. Do you want me to track down the names of every person who profits off of bigfoot?

    14. This comment has been removed by the author.

    15. Movies, books... AGAIN... Bigfoot is free to put in your product. It's like anything that's free and in pop culture. Lions, tigers and bears a aaaaaaaall free. You don't have to pay anyone to use them. And with pop culture, naturally comes a demand for such things. Nobody who researches "Bigfoot" is out there making Horror movies, and if people take the time to write books, then so they SHOULD make money. That's how ideas and research evolves, by reading books. Maybe you should pick one up one day?

      Ok, so how many of these proponents are making TV shows? Does this equate to a significant amount of people who are enthusiastic about this subject, making an easy buck from "Bigfoot", and does this reflect more than a handful of proponents? Remember... You have to be stupid to not make money from all this "make believe", right?

      Scientists and authors have always toured with conferences, it's pretty essential in this day & age... And pretty much expected. Who's making major money from Bigfoot? I want you to provide some substance for your assertion... Who's making aaaaaaaaaall this money?? Do I want you to track down the names of every person who profits off of "Bigfoot"?


      : )

    16. Anyway "Nickdummy"... I'm really gonna have to give you a break now as it's late across the pond. But I can assure you I'll be popping back tomorrow to make you look like an idiot again, with or without your participation. So I'd be refreshing as often as you usually do... Hopefully you have some figures, examples of annual income, maybe even a few researchers that would reflect an ample frequency that which could be applied to pigeon holing people who are too stupid to realise how easy it is to make money from "make-believe". So far, that's all you've got is make-believe to substantiate alleged make-believe.

      What a big fat dreamer.

      Nighty, night.

      ; )

    17. You are hopeless. I provide who's making money from Bigfoot, the creators of the products, events etc...

      Then you say I need to provide who's making "major money"?

      Post a link to where I brought up "major money".

      Post a link to where I define what I believe "major money" to be. Its subjective.

      More make-believe from ikdummy.

    18. Ikdummy, a drop in the ocean as far as who has profited from bigfoot. You can ask them for their tax returns for the exact amounts.

      Lyle Blackburn
      Adam Davies
      Marc Myrsell
      Derek Randles
      David Ellis
      David Floyd
      Dr. Jeff Meldrum
      Clyde Lewis
      Shelly Covington Montana
      Thomas Sewid
      Thom Cantrall
      Ron Morehead
      Cliff Barackman
      Wes Germer and Woody, Radio Podcast -

      Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Assoiated Brokers -

      The Sasquatch Coffee Company -

      Creaturereplica -

      LadyGreen Designs -

      Eclipse Media -

      Max Muscle -

      Ravens Iron Perspective -

      Sasquatch Syndicate -

      Bigfoot Baubles & Sasquatch Sundries -

      Falling Rock Productions -

      Forest Dukes -

      Lorena Barnes -

      Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis -

      Greg Berry Production Designer - Virtual Reality and Mannequin Challange

      Donna Bigoski -

      The Art of Claudio Bergamin -

      Karen Freed - Squatchers Embroidery

      Tina Murphy -

      Donna Taylor - Lip Tease Cosmetics

      David Biancosino -

      Roger McGee -

      Deborah Cooper -

      James "Bobo" Faye
      Ranae Holland
      Matt Moneymaker
      Ken Scott
      Raney Schocke
      Keith Hoffman
      Brad Kuhlman & Casey Brumels
      Chad Hammel
      Eduardo Sánchez

      Robin Cowie
      Jane Fleming
      J. Andrew Jenkins
      Mark Ordesky
      Jamie Nash
      Eduardo Sanchez

      Dora Madison Burge
      Brian Steele
      Samuel Davis
      Nima Fakhrara

      Denise Spaman

      Heather Kraft-Richardson -

    19. So, for ikdummy, I need to find the 1967 P/G costume, otherwise it's real, and now I have to tell you the exact dollar amount everyone that has profited from bigfoot is making or else people aren't profiting from bigfoot...

      Now you know why I call "him" ikdummy.

    20. 5:50,

      I read your earlier post. You just said smart people make money off of Bigfoot. Iktomi is trying to suggest that you said people are making *major money* *off his {Iktomi's} back* which you never said. Iktomi then dismisses Bigfoot movies, books, and tv shows as not legitimate money made from Bigfoot because lions, tigers, and bears are profited from? I didn't quite get that.

    21. You don't have to find the costume you blighter - just recreate it . Shouldn't be too hard if a drifter like Patterson could do it then it'll be a lot easier for an Einstein like you. You'll have to use 60s type fabric that was available at the time.
      You'll make up some excuse why you can't do it which just proves that tossers like you are all lip


    22. Patterson's costume irrelevant. Just noise, mate, literally grainy noise. Get some sleep, wanker.

    23. Are UK people getting dumber and dumber or is it just the Chavs that post here.

    24. It's hillbilly trolls like you who ruin this blog.
      You are irelevent


    25. Pikey minker like urself Taffy-Joe Sheep Shagger

    26. Oh Nicky B, you're about to get a whole lot angrier...

      Now provide me with facts as to who out of all that is "having fun out of Bigfoot", meaning that they don't actually believe in "Bigfoot" and who are inevitably hoaxing. Because if you can't, then these people are earning from providing research to further add credibility to the subject, which naturally acquires some level of honest income. Oh dear... All that effort you spent, and you walked straight into that one.

      You also didn't provide me with evidence that these people could quit their day jobs, with no evidence that these people earn 10's of thousands of dollars like Ricky Dyer allegedly does. "Major money" would indicate being able to quit your day job. Simples. AGAIN (sigh)... Bigfoot is free to put in your product. It's like anything that's free and in pop culture. Lions, tigers and bears are aaaaaaaall free. Coffee companies, toy companies, cab companies, etc, don't have to pay anyone to use that in their product. And with pop culture, naturally comes a demand for such things. And with the exception of things like t-shirts & cast replicas that NEED to be sold to make money for further research, none of whom who sell these at conventions are associated with 99% the products you listed. None are being manufactured by the ACTUAL PROPONENTS who are attempting to broaden the credibility of this subject. Nobody who researches "Bigfoot" is out there making toys, coffee or driving cabs (which would indicate a full time working class working predicament, duh????), and if people take the time to write books, then so they SHOULD make money. That's how ideas and research evolves, by reading books.

      Maybe you should pick one up one day?

      In science, the burden of proof falls upon the claimant; and the more extraordinary a claim, the heavier is the burden of proof demanded. Your extraordinary claim is that a "costume" that defies almost 50 years of the most expensive SFX advances, was used to film the PGF. If a critic asserts that there is evidence for disproof, he is making a claim and therefore also has to bear a burden of proof. There is also nothing grainy about this photo;

      : p

    27. "Today, Bobo makes a living as a commercial fisherman out of Eureka, California. He continues to take odd jobs in unrelated fields, most of which are centered on trying to spot a Bigfoot. His close relationship with the community in which he lives helps him keep his "ear to the ground," and he collects dozens of local Bigfoot sighting reports each year."

      That's one of the most likely people out of your list (as well as the others of the "Finding Bigfoot Team"), to be able to quit their day jobs due to TV series'... And guess what?


    28. Dear ikdummy,

      Profit: a financial gain, especially the difference between the amount earned and the amount spent in buying, operating, or producing something.

      Quitting days jobs? By your definition there would be no crime because unless you steal enough to quit your day job, it's not a crime.

    29. You're babbling now Nicky! You're deflecting dear boy! You need to first demonstrate that these people are being dishonest before that washes. Let's see a little more than mere circular reasoning, it's how adults do things.

      : )

      Do you feel a little silly now? Maybe you should do a little homework before making wild assertions for a period of a few years. Anyone else would make efforts to know the first thing you're talking about, should they be as emotionally invested as you are.

    30. ikdummy is obsessed with a 50 year old costume and has a job that "he" wants to quit.

    31. I'll take that as a capitulation, Little Nicky!


  2. The title of Standing'd video should be, " HOAXER INTERVIEWS CHARLATAN"

  3. Meldrum is a government paid shill.

  4. Allright, you know that I never admit I'm wrong but it's pretty obvious I'm always wrong

    1. Duh,if liking testicles is wrong I don't want to be right

  5. Well it does illustrate one thing. The money-grubbers stick together. As many researchers have found out, Dr. Meldrum isn't interested in credible evidence. What does seem to interest him is self-enrichment through conferences, television appearances and other revenue generating schema. Its a real shame and represents a low point for bigfoot research.

    Part of me, however, is delighted to see the chaos because it just gives other researchers more time to come up with compelling evidence. Every knucklehead who runs off into Woo-land or starts endorsing hoaxed imagery is one less person who is going to solve this. Who knows... Dr. Squatch could visit the optometrist and then stop by the camera shop and end up beating everyone to it. Or not LOL.

    1. 5:53 You're missing the point. There's nothing wrong with profiting from bigfoot. It doesn't exist. It's foolish not to profit.

      " less person who is going to solve this." Solve what? Do you REALLY believe that there tribes of 8 foot tall hairy men scattered throughout the US that keep avoiding focused cameras? REALLY??????????????????

    2. You'd need but a rudimentary understanding of what occurs when scientists make scientific breakthroughs, to understand why PhD's like Meldrum would be obligated to make efforts to discuss their work and conferences. Try it... Use Google for something else other man digging your illogical holes a little deeper, and see how many scientists conduct seminars, and who get paid for their time. What you will notice out of all these people, is that this would naturally be an extension of their day jobs. And Dr Meldrum "isn't interested in credible evidence"? Well his work on footprints basically proves that hoaxers would have to have guessed a shared morphology of Sasquatch foot, encompassing total accuracy regarding bipedal evolution that only very few educated people understand. It also appears that his ideas are attracting academics to his online journal, such as...
      John Bindernagel, PhD Courtenay, BC, Canada, Colin Groves, PhD Australian National University Canberra, Australia, Chris Loether, PhD Idaho Sate University Pocatello, ID, Jeffrey McNeely, PhD Chief Scientist IUCN - World Conservation Union Gland, Switzerland, Lyn Miles, PhD University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, John Mionczynski Wildlife Consultant Atlantic City, WY, Anna Nekaris, PhD Oxford Brooks University Oxford, England, Ian Redmond, OBE Conservation Consultant Manchester, England, Esteban Sarmiento, PhD Human Evolution Foundation East Brunswick, NJ, Zhoua Guoxing, PhD Beijing Museum of Natural History Beijing, China. He even has people like this putting forewords in his books, "George Schaller is an International science director for the Wildlife Conservation Society. His pioneering field studies of mountain gorillas setthe research standard later adopted by Goodall and gorilla researcher Dian Fosse. Schaller’s 1963 book, “The Year of the Gorilla,” debunked popular perceptions of the great ape and reintroduced “King Kong” as a shy, social vegetarian. Schaller’s studies of tigers, lions, snow leopards and pandas also advanced the knowledge of those endangered mammals. In 1973, he won the National Book Award for “The Serengeti Lion: A Study of Predator-Prey Relations,” and in 1980 was awarded the World Wildlife Fund Gold Medal for his contributions to the understanding and conservation of endangered species. During the past decade, he has focused on the little-known wildlife of Mongolia, Laos and the Tibetan Plateau."

      ... Hmmmmm... All those PhD's and we're to believe that "Bigfoot" is at a low point of its course? Such chaos, eh? "One less person who is going to solve this." A "knucklehead" would drop himself in letting on that he acknowledges that "Bigfoot" exists like that, ha ha ha ha!! It also doesn't appear that these hominins are found a very good job at avoiding all cameras;

    3. U kno what Ikdope ??


      The real Nickie B.

    4. Bigfoot does exist 100%, but everything you say or quote is arbitrary!)
      Quoting Meldrum and Bindernagel, 2 idiots who rely on other peoples work to line their pockets!
      Sounds like Kelly Shaw, another you compliment, who doesn't research! Actually funny how Iktomi believes in Bigfoot, but jacks the real proof!
      Insanity at it's finest!

    5. Ikdummy lists all the smart people making money off the Bigfoot myth as his proof of ....... what?

      Ikdummy, you're a consumer. Smarter individuals produce. They publish crap. You eat it....and paste it in your posts.

    6. Thanks 3:02, you just hit the nail on the head!!!!!!!!!
      You also just exposed ikdummy too, as a paid shill, all makes TOTAL sense now!!!! Explains EXACTLY why Ikdummy compliments non researchers, and won't ever say anything positive about TRUE EVIDENCE!
      Your such a Charlatan ikdummy!

    7. Ikdummy is also plotting to marry a Bigfoot "research" dude from Utah in order to get US citizenship.

    8. I don't know if I'm talking to real DS, fake DS (both are total loons)... But if you actually spend time looking into the work of the people you're clearly bitter about, Bindernagle has actually sourced his own track impressions that he's studied. That's physical evidence. Meldrum's ideas on Bigfoot's credibility were off the back of him analysing actual track impressions in the ground and forming a conclusion based on that physical evidence. Kelly Shaw sources and casts them regularly... Bluery photos that could be anything, that require drawings to point out the "subjects", is not scientific evidence. A track impression that can be studied for foot morphology is.

      Myths don't leave physical evidence... And I'm waiting for one example of a researcher being able to quit their day jobs due to making too much money from "Bigfoot".

      : (

    9. Correct, myths don't leave physical evidence. Otherwise, bigfoot would be real.

      I'm still waiting for an example of a smart researcher that hasn't profited from bigfoot.

      Profit: a financial gain, especially the difference between the amount earned and the amount spent in buying, operating, or producing something.

      Profit isn't quitting a job, ikdummy. There are millionaires and billionaires that keep working. Ikdummy, you are projecting your desire to quit your job on others.

    10. What type of work do you do ikdummy? You seem to be obsessed with quitting your job and define profiting with quitting your job. You seem uneducated. Do you have a menial job that you want to quit?

    11. By the very fact that the physical evidence being left can be shown to be repeatable by scientific standards, we are able to point to a genuine biological entity that has the same widely reported anatomical features as "Bigfoot", leaving it's trace behind. If you have issue with that, then please... Show me how it can be hoaxed. You've only had six years to fail at it.

      The "smart" researchers would account for those with either academic credentials, or those who have sourced evidence that has propelled the subject forward. Again... You would have to demonstrate how they are being dishonest, as well as demonstrate how much money they're earning for it to be worth their while. Does your circular reasoning help substantiate their alleged dishonesty? Nope! So by the fact that their research is pioneering, they would naturally acquire some financial profit, or they wouldn't be able to continue research.

      Who's "having fun", Nicky?

    12. sounds like a certain person is extremely jealous of Meldrum and Bindernalgle and lashes out at anyone who supports them
      Next time try decaf bro


    13. When did Bindernagel and Meldrum cast these prints, 1980? Where's proof since then? Where's thecproof of them going in, finding them, and casting them???????
      Blurry pics? Disinformation or lack of it from you once again! So which is it Iktomi, are you a did information agent, or are you a clueless armchair researcher, who's never been in the woods, and is totally ignorant of what's incthe woods? Can only be one or the other, so which is it?

    14. Dermal morphology ridges anatomical entity...have i convinced you that bigfoot is real?


      What is your line of work that u are so desperate to quit, ikdummy?

    15. Which is better, Quitomi or Quitdummy? The moron that defines profit as quitting his job.

    16. Joe/Iktomi has revealed that he has a lower IQ working class mindset. He spends 40 hours a week working for someone else and dreams of quitting. His only escape is a 50 year old bigfoot prank...and the pub.

    17. DS... "proof" amounts to a body. And since nobody has sourced one yet (that we know of), then it doesn't paint Medlrum or Binderz in a negative light, since they're at least studying physical evidence. Photos of foliage that need to be drawn on, isn't proof. There is no difference between you and me... You don't see "Bigfoot", you see them when you're in your armchair at home afterwards. I at least don't point at foliage as proof. The perk your end is you get to go on some stunning walks. One could argue you're a paid shill trying to make us enthusiasts look like idiots.

      Good job bro.

      Bye, bye, trolls.

    18. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better.

      Ikdummy to Dr. Squatch:

      "There is no difference between you and me"

    19. Ikdummy, DS sees Bigfoot in the field but also circles them when he gets home. Ikdummy, prove that DS does not see Bigfoot in the field. Ikdummy, where are the monkey suits of DS's creatures? Don't have them because they're real creatures. Have you been in the field where DS researches? No? Ever stepped foot in the US? No. Have a job you want to quit? Yes. Drink a little too much? Yes.

    20. Ikdummy , you are so dense and laughable !
      My evidence stacks up against the best because I am the best and the rest of you are lowly worms trying to feed on my success. Go into the woods and find your own evidence douchebags !
      still you wont give me my credit due. What's wrong with you ikdummy ???????

    21. WHO'S PHYSICAL EVIDENCE ARE THEY STUDYING IKTOMI???????? The hard work of people like me! they haven't been in the woods since the 80's, and you know it!

      " Photos of foliage that need to be drawn on, isn't proof. "
      How does drawling on them nullify the creature? That's a Staw-man attempt to undermine the should be ashamed of yourself!
      "You don't see "Bigfoot", you see them when you're in your armchair at home afterwards."
      You don't know what i see, or what i've seen! The camera picks them up, not out eyes, generally, so going through the footage HAS to be done, and you call it ARMCHAIR RESEARCH, like it's bad??? Man are you a troll!

      " I at least don't point at foliage as proof."


    22. And Iktomi, you know well and good when it's me, or fake DS, don't lie about it, and you've never responded to fake DS (9:07)

    23. yeah, you got 1,500 pics and they are all foliage
      don't quit your day job doc

    24. 9:21 is ikstinky, always obsessed with day jobs and quitting.

  6. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better.

    Ikdummy to Dr. Squatch:

    "There is no difference between you and me"

    1. DS brings the evidence. Ikdummy copies and pastes disinformation.

    2. If they're foliage, why can't you prove it?
      That makes you a liar!
      If I take pics of foliage, anybody can right? So why can't anyone?

    3. Ikstinky can't disprove DR. Squatch's evidence. I even saw morphological anatomy and plantar flexion in some of DS's groundbreaking Bigfoot images.

    4. Correct. I'd like to see him also explain how I've spent over $1,000 last year on SD cards from the Bigfoot zapping my camera! Iktomi should be able to walk out of the pub and take a pic of a bush that looks like my evidence, right?
      Look up "Iktomi" on Wikipedia, fits the little douchebag perfectly!

    5. I found a photo of Joe F1tzgerald:

    6. Haha, that must be exactly what he looks like !
      Ikdummy must be smoking some of his own foliage is he can't see my evidence right before his eyes.
      I'm laughing at the dummy !

    7. Hey guys, I found a photo of Doc.
      looks like he's responding to one of iktomi's comments !

    8. I already know what DS looks like. There is real video of him giving an actual lecture at a Bigfoot conference.

      Iktomi/Joe F. may be a sock puppet though. Anyone here from Wales have a photo of a guy named Joe F1tzgerald from Wales, UK that is bigfoot obsessed, not formally educated, and frequents pubs?

    9. ^ DS in anon mode.
      He's taking a break from his porn addiction

    10. 5:01, would you find it easier to wack off if you had a pic of Iktomi ?
      Would you paste it on your mirror ?

    11. 7:37 Does your mother know her daughter has such a filthy mouth?

  7. This is why we feel sorry for Jeff.

    He's a decent anatomist, but he has such a huge blind spot where bigfoot is concerned. He really should know better.