Sunday, April 2, 2017

Teenage Girl Has Encounter With Dogman Creature

From Dogman Encounters Radio:

When tonight's guest, Mary, was in her teens, she had a Dogman encounter in a place where you'd never expect to run into a Dogman. The encounter changed the way she looked at the world. She says that encounter turned her into a different person, overnight.

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  1. Replies
    1. You are so right 12:52. Once you start messing with the sasquatch you're going to get the claws. The US government is funding mega-cages bigtime, steel-re-enforced, constructed of top-level clearance alloys, real high tech cloak and dagger stuff. But even with a government backed mission there ain't no telling. A Bigfoot intercept may be 50/50 at best, a lot of casualties, good men and women, so we've got to do this thing right. Biscardi doesn't know what he's up against and neither does the government. This creature is wood grown and raised, something you don't want to mess with.

  2. Load of bollocks - the way these shows keep on with stories etc you`d think bigfoot or dogman being was encountered every minute of every day.

    Seems as if every other village or town is full to bursting with incidents .

    BUT - it ain`t true at all.

  3. I believe that sasquatches exist.

    Dogman is BS.

  4. I believe bigfoot is really out there.

    "Far out" there,Man.

    Dogman too.

  5. had a strange coincidence today when in a restaurant

    the woman close by said her gravy on her meal smelled of farts and later on there were farts that smelled of gravy emanating from her table

    won`t eat there again

    i had salad

  6. Dogman.

    An unfortunate misidentification of sasquatch made by mentally weak nancy-boys who believe in portals, cloaking, mind-speak and aliens. Its the same folks who believed in Santa until they were 12, the same folks who believe the Earth is flat (lol @ MMC), the same people who claim bigfoot can defocus their camera and who sport a sharpie for "enhancement".

    Bigfootery can't shake these people. The signal is lost in the high noise-floor. The carrier to noise spectral density ratio is insufficient to convey the truth in the subject. You know who you are.

    1. I dont believe in any of the crap you listed, and did not believe in the Dogman ( until I actually researched!)
      I have over 250 pictures of them now.