Skateboarder Has Unexpected Bigfoot Encounter

A skateboarder at Lake Tahoe had the surprise of their life when they crossed paths with a possible bigfoot.


  1. I remember an episode of Unsolved Mysteries where a sweet old woman took in a bunch of unwanted dogs so they wouldn't be put down, then some asshole started terrorizing her for no reason.
    Lots of threats and property damage at first, but it got really messed up when he broke into the barn where she kept the dogs and shot some of them.
    That on its own would be messed up beyond belief, but it got worse when whoever was tormenting her burned down the barn with like 60 dogs inside killing all but one.

    1. The murder of Kelly Anne Bates stands out to me when I think of truly horrific ways to die. Bates was drowned in 1997 by her boyfriend, James Patterson Smith. They started a relationship when Bates was just fourteen and Smith had a history of violence against his previous partners. It's tragic that Bates did leave Smith at one point but returned to living with him the year before her death. He tortured her over a period of several weeks beforehand, just some of the things he did to her include:
      gouging out her eyes up to three weeks before death
      partial scalping
      genital mutilation
      stab wounds inside her mouth & eye sockets
      During his questioning Smith claimed Bates "would put me through hell winding me up" which is just as disturbing to me. I can't imagine how much suffering Bates went through in her short seventeen year life.

    2. You are on the wrong blog!!!

    3. I suppose the single remaining dog was the main suspect.


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