Thursday, April 13, 2017

Proof It Was Bigfoot Breakdown Commentary

Parabreakdown provides commentary to a piece of bigfoot footage from the Squatch Master himself.


  1. Phil is very correct about about the Squatch master faker!
    A Bigfoot is not going to rock a tree back and forth, having trouble with it, c'mon!
    Phil just said, "We can't trust ANYTHING Squatch master puts out"
    That means Matt will feature everything Squatch master puts out.

  2. OMG the Squatch Master is as nearly full of nonsense as Dr Squatch.It's people like them that give this subject a bad name xx

    1. A bad name like VEGAS!

      Lying idiot!

      That link you posted Comes up "VEGAS"

    2. PIB/Vegas, doing nothing to promote Bigfoot, merely trolling. What a sad pathetic life.

    3. The link i posted was this one

      Your Barkman :) xx

    4. The link posted said it was by VEGAS, now removed.
      Gee isn't that funny.
      You post a pic of mine, but never say anything about the crap that's posted here. That's called jealousy!

    5. No it doesn't and it hasn't been removed...

    6. Im not a liar like you.....I should have taken a screen shot....ill see if I can when I get home.

    7. The history on my computer only shows the previous day for some reason, so i'll have to look tomorrow.

    8. I`m fed up with the lying ,hoaxing and downright deceit that goes on within the bifoot world .. it can only be deduced that to be a "researcher" is in fact,a nice little earner - reaping donations from the hordes of well wishing gullibles falling over themselves to "believe"..what utter fools.

    9. I think all this vittreall against PIB is unwarrented and Hatefull!,,We WILL ALWAYS HAVE PIB'S BACK,,!! AN THATS ALL THERE IS TOO IT YO!

    10. Leave PIB alone Doc scamsquatch !
      You are a psycho lunatic stalker and a sociopath of the worst kind. Can we have him locked up ?
      I'm worried about her safety