Friday, April 21, 2017

Possible Bigfoot Audio Recorded 4-19-2017

Robert Dodson shares some more audio he's recorded that he believes is bigfoot related. Check it out:



    This is the site that starts the process of reporting the rascist pedo troll. They will track allhis comments for record . He has got himself out on a limb. Let's cut that limb off

    1. The comment that I am going to report is the one that Stuey made about the eight year old girl raised by animals. He commented that he wanted to defile her. His comments cross state lines so we need to report him to the FBI. I will find the link and post it


      Follow the instructions. It's that simple. Next I will post the trolls full name and address

    3. On Monday, October 18th, 1976 in Carmichael, CA, a ten year old boy woke up at approximately 2:30 a.m. by the sound of his small dog barking relentlessly in the garage where he normally resided.
      After checking on the commotion, the dog led him to the backyard patio. Once he turned the light on the illuminate the yard, he saw a masked individual standing outside of the kitchen window with the screen already taken off. He was dressed with a dark colored t-shirt, ski-mask, but from the waist down he was completely nude.
      This caught the creeper off guard, leaving him motionless for a split second. The dog ran to the masked intruder growling and barking more ferociously, provoking the man to sprint towards the backyard fence and perch himself atop until the dog calmed down. After regaining his composure, he lowered himself down and continued his task.
      The young boy ran back inside frantically; closing the sliding back doors and locking it. Sadly, he forgot to secure the kitchen window the criminal was entering. While running to his mother's room, he heard sounds of dishware shattering in the kitchen. Crying from fear, he woke his mother saying someone is inside the house. Still groggy from awakening, she immediately turned her nightstand light on and called the police and her neighbor, but those efforts were fruitless because the trespasser had successfully cut the wires this time.

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    5. As per usual, he rolled her onto her pregnant belly with her hands fastened behind her back, placing his penis into her hands. In order to get any form of sensation, he had to grind his own hips back and forth, but when this wasn't pleasing enough, he got angry and removed the gag from her mouth. In the process, he saw numerous rings on her finger. He tried taking them off, but they were too tightly wrapped. She insisted to use soap to slide them off easier, but he kept trying forcefully until he finally succumbed to her idea.
      He still was having trouble with the separation, so he removed her bindings entirely and told her to take the rings off or he would kill her. After she listened to his orders, he bound her once more. His attention was now focused on her body, giving another compliment to her beauty. However, this time he put his penis towards her mouth. Likewise, he had to move his body back and forth to feel any sensation, but after a lack of pleasantry, he went on to physically rape her.

    6. 1:31 You are a plagiarist! As your whole comment was stolen from my new bigfoot romance novel,, "When the cats away my little kitty plays,WITH THE HAIRY MAN, vol#2".


    7. You truly are a sick person and need serious help - the sort of help that can only be administered by a guy with a baseball bat.

    8. Same person talking to himself, hoping others would piggyback.

  2. Its all fun until somebody gets mauled by a pine marten.

    The last bigfoot researcher who tried to feed a bit of his sandwich to an Oklahoma Spotted Pine Marten had his entire hand bitten off and ran around the campground spewing blood from his stump with hair, turd samples and dead batteries flying out of his pockets as he twirled madly around the parabolic.

    Don't be that guy.

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