Monday, April 3, 2017

Montana Bigfoot Project HUGE Finds in the Field

From the youtube channel of Brian Sullivan.

The second half and last part of the Skalkaho field visits in 2016. We spend the day documenting as much as possible, and later on that night our watchman is startled by a loud wood snap, followed by heavy thudding footfalls and a massive splash as something hit the river, which unnerved him a bit! The next morning while the late night guys were resting, I went for a solo walk uphill and found a corral like structure, and a tripod of old trees further down the hill. Adjacent to that, the boulder stack! I noticed the deer I had been watching graze suddenly became alarmed and bolted, so I snapped 2 quick photos of the boulder stack and swiftly left the area as well. I will be going back this year for a more through look at the area! As we were coming down from the pass you may notice smoke on the left, that was one of the mountains on the west side of the Bitterroot valley across from Hamilton having a forest fire, it was put out the next day. Music again by Swamp Ritual, the tracks Swamp Ritual and Outer Rim. Thanks to SR for letting me use their music in my videos!


  1. Tree snaps and boulder stacks - what a bunch of crap. Pretty soon little streams will be attributed to Bigfoot because it needed irrigation.

    1. it's well known that bigfoot will do things like stack rocks and bend trees to form a pattern as a way of telling others that is their territory . They probably also mark their territory with scent as many animals also do but us humans wont pick up on that so maybe this is their way of telling us humans that is their area