Friday, April 14, 2017

Monster X with Bigfooter Fred Syneic

From Monster X Radio:

Fred's interest in the subject of Bigfoot started 6 years ago when he ran across a local reseacher in Massachusetts, where Fred lives. Fred was soon invited to participate in a field investigation and after having suspected Bigfoot activity on this very first night, Fred was hooked. Fast forward to 6 years later and he is an active field investigator, both on his own as well as a member of Steve Kull's Bigfoot research team.


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, I think I'll take their word over yours DS.

    2. You should have drawn a circle around it Doc.

    3. Notice also that the "duo" are on the SAME comment section and even commented just after "each other".

      That ought to prove it to the doubters that p.i.b and vegas are in fact one and the same.

    4. Here it is DS xx

    5. PIB is always gonna be "The Stalwart one"----FACT!!

      Ch'all know wut up!

    6. I saw what I saw and it wasn't a putty tat but it was puss in boots. I know Vegas , Iktomi and her are all the same people I tell you. They are all satanic pawns out to deceive us all with their lies . I don't care if the rest of you don't believe me but they are all going to hell

    7. A talking dog and cat, better than bigfoot

    8. Correct 10:19!

      Busted you PIB/VEGAS/IKTOMI.

      Nothing but liars, all 3 of you.