Saturday, April 8, 2017

Forest Worker Talks About Terrifying Bigfoot Encounter

From PacWest Bigfoot:

My name is Carol, and I am a Forester in the state of Washington, and I had a rather frightening experience, or run in with Bigfoot up near Mount St. Helens a few summers back.

At the time I was not doing any "foresting" per say, I was camping and doing a little research myself as I am really into my job, even today. What kind of research does a forester do when off the clock? Well, I love nature and study it constantly.

Here is my encounter, and what got me into that mess in the first place. Oh, and no, I do not believe these things are oversized Ewoks either, I think they are wild and can be dangerous.


  1. Interesting story. Unfortunately, this is yet another story in a long line of bigfoot stories with zero evidence to substantiate it.

    The whole story could be made up BS. "Carol" may not even exist. Who knows.

    That is why these types of stories will remain just that, stories.