Saturday, April 1, 2017

Dangers of the Dogman Real Life Interview

The Cryptid Brothers discuss a dogman creature sighting and the dangers of predators in the wild. Nobody ever said squatchin was easy.


  1. Replies
    1. They say Dog-man, yet they show a dirty coyote who's pissed off! Come on Bigfoot Evidence get the pictures straight. You people make me want to go watch RMSO car starting product videos or something. And speaking of RMSO have they let the "Sasquatch caught running in the open field by drone" hoax go yet?
      Kelly Shaw was so angry at us viewers for razzing his fat ass that he ate doughnuts with Tim "T-FATS" FATsano for a week.
      T-FATS hasn't been heard nor seen since.

    2. ^ Hey Zabo! Did I ever mention how I love to GET BUTTFUCKED BY BIG BLACK NIGGERS--:)

      chick chick

    3. Oooh you rude boy.

      And now you`ve been whited out by Whitey.

      Probably for the best then.

    4. 2:40

      That Kekky fellow is such a nobhead isn`t he.

      I notice he is Jotomi`s hero...and I heard through the grapevine that he masturbates over a picture of Kekky he had hanging on his wall...oh,the disgrace of it.

  2. "Butt juice for "HEALTH" ^ That wot ye say"-Iktomi

  3. Did A Movie Inspire The Goat-Man Legend?

    Probably slapstick comedy and comics.