Monday, April 3, 2017

Bigfoot In The Snow Covered Mountains of Idaho

Anthony Moffett takes off into the mountains in search of the elusive bigfoot. Check it out:


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    1. This guy is at least a change from the loser Kekky Shamboy.

  2. This is my bigfoot video. It was taken near my home in SW Alabama.

    I will readily admit it is not the best footage. But would enjoy reading your reviews.

    Which IMO is the only reason it is still on Youtube.

    This section of the footage, was slowed and stabilized by Bradley Davis.

    After researchers reviewed the film.
    I saw nothing in the original film, but sent it in anyway.

    JRG presented this to B. Davis. A sasquatch skeptic.

    And this is what he found.

    The video is less than 6 months old.

    I would rather not give direction as far as "where they are".

    If you see something and wish to discuss it, or see nothing and wish to comment.

    Be my guests

    The video is about :25 in duration.

  3. Ancient Machine cuts from GIZA (I am so excited I…:

    Another great lady archeologist making a video


  4. No comments on those trackways eh?

    I wish Anthony would set his camera to a higher resolution. I realize that he is conserving space so he can make longer recordings but you can buy a 128 GB SD card for about $40 dollars these days. It just doesn't make sense to take all the trouble to hike into remote areas and then record at 480p.