Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Bigfoot Encounters At Lemolo Lake, Oregon

On PacWest Bigoot is special guest Jeremy, to talk about the various bigfoot encounters that take place near and around Lemolo Lake, Oregon.


  1. I would love to listen to some of these pac west bigfoot accounts. Only problem is....they are often so wordy, long and drawn out, I get bored and start nodding off before it gets to the part where bigfoot makes its appearance. PLEASE PAC WEST...if you gotta tell a story, go ahead, just storten it up a little. Some of us have lives we want to get back to at some point.

    1. You mean someone actually listens to these things?

    2. ^ I have no idea who.

      I guess some folk need to fill their time at any cost...the end is surely near.