Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bigfoot Author Talks About Bigfoot In Texas

Veteran bigfooter and author Jerry Hestand talks to the local media about bigfoot in Texas. Check it out:

The legend of Bigfoot continues, and local author Jerry Hestand wants you to know that the legendary creatures are right here in Texoma.

"How they live here, I don't know," he conceded, "but I've had some amazing experiences around here that I'm convinced they exist."

For years and years, people across the world have fixed their imagination on a large hairy creature with different names, including Bigfoot and Sasquatch.

After reading stories about the beast when he was little, Hestand knew he needed to find what everyone was talking about.
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  2. BFRO Database: There has been ONE Bigfoot sighting in the entire US during the first 4 months of 2017. ONE! I think America has changed medications.