Attacked By A Violent Bigfoot Creature

From World Bigfoot Radio:

Genoskwa attack, the first half of my conversation with first time encounter witnesses Mr. Lynn Poole about his first and second encounters and teenager adventures around that time period. This encounter is with a huge type 4S, (Genoskwa type biped) in Tennessee in the later half of the 1970's. The Wendigo, is the type 4N. In part 2 Lynn goes into another even more ghastly encounter later in his life, one which he and a friend had to shoot their way out of, and barely survived!!


  1. Type 7BHB Hegenowaska are the most bipedal due to their morphology entity dermal ridge science Bindernagel plaster cast scat DNA evidence gait.

    1. The disappearance of Claudia Lawrence. In 2009 Claudia just vanished and not a thing has been seen or heard of her since. There are rumours and hearsay unbounded in regards to this case. It doesn't help that the police seemed particular defensive in regards to what they know (or perhaps they're as stumped as the rest of us and have a good poker face). There have been arrests but no charges; leads but no developments. I honestly don't think this one will ever be solved and it drives me crazy – God only knows how it makes her family and friends feel!
      Also, the obligatory mention of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann (which we're getting to the 10 year anniversary of). I'm still not convinced her parents don't know what happened. Their version of the story has changed over time and whilst I don't think they murdered her, I do think they played a part in her death and disposal of her body. But who knows.
      Edit: Jill Dando. A person (I forget his name) was actually found guilty over the murder but later had that overturned on appeal. There's rumours of 'Serbian mafia' involvement. Real puzzler.

    2. Diane Augat.
      She goes missing in 1998 and her mother receives a phonecall 3 days after her disappearance, but no one was home to answer, so it went to the answering-machine -- obviously. On the message, Augat can be heard saying, "Help, help, let me out," while it can be heard someone trying to get the phone; then she is heard saying, "Hey, gimme that," before the call ends.
      In 1998, as well, her severed middle-finger was found on the side of a road, as well as a bag of her neatly-folded clothing found inside of a convenience store's freezer 2 weeks after she goes missing.
      In 2000, another bag, labeled "Diane", was found with more of her belongings.
      The middle-finger is what's perplexed me the most about the whole thing.

    3. It seems likely that Hauser was some kind of fraud, of the kind that still periodically pops up today, often claiming to suffer from complete memoryloss. A young man leaves home, decides on some lie to gather sympathy, but the whole thing gets out of hand. And as he is suspected of being a liar, he tries to fake an attack, add another twist to his tale, but he accidentally perforates something important and kills himself. But yeah, "what the hell was that all about" seems to be a pretty good summary of the case as a whole.

    4. 8:12, Was Claudia Lawrence on her period ?



  2. bigfoot is real

    i have had his baby

    honest to goodness


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