Saturday, March 4, 2017

Utah Traffic Camera Captures Possible Bigfoot Image

A Utah traffic camera captured something weird, that some believe is an image of a bigfoot crossing a highway. Check it out:


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    1. The cases of purported dermals are:

      1) the original Mill Creek casts from Freeman (human fingerprints even Chillcut could i.d.).
      2) the Onion Mtn. cast from 1967 (dessication ridges formed by plaster on a dry substrate).
      3) the Walla Walla or Table Springs or Wrinkle Foot from Freeman (dessication and/or fluid flow over wet surface).
      4) Hyampom from 1963-4 (indeterminate, isolated on portions of toes).
      5) Bossburg "Cripple Foot" (seen by no one but Grover Krantz and Ed Palma).
      6) Bossburg handprint (faint, transverse striations, but no whorls, loops, or evidence of being dermatoglyphics).
      7) Elkins Creek (acknowledged human fingerprints introduced into cast, also possible dessication artifacts).
      8) Skookum Elk Cast (hairs from an elk's metacarpal block).
      9) Indiana Cast (recognized fake)

      I've made them in dry sand, on moist sand, on dry silt, and even dry mud. All it takes is some sort of dessicant in the matrix. This can be elevated salinity, or mineralogical composition as is the case when certain clay minerals like illite or kaolinite or smectite are present, or simply degree of dry-ness of the matrix. Very repeatable and very open-and-shut. The Onion Mtn. and other casts listed above show dessication, not closed.

      Anton Wroblewski, PhD

    2. Q&A with Dr. Meldrum about this article...
      Q: The article mentions a track that Chilcutt determined was fake. What is the origin of that track?
      A: The "fake" element was overstated by the reporters. It was one of Freeman's casts from Elk Wallow (if memory serves me, but I will check the location name).
      There was evidence of contamination by human fingerprints in the toe region. The question remains whether this was intentional or not.
      There seems to be a natural inclination to touch tracks, brush away debris, or even embellish an indistinct spot. One of the toes clearly had a triple strike, in that the core pattern of a fingertip (human appearing ridge texture) was repeated down the length of the toe. This may have been done by Freeman or any of the numerous other individuals who examined the tracks prior to their casting.
      What the reporter failed to mention was that along the margins of the foot there were examples of the distinct coarse textured ridges trending parallel to the margins of the foot! So it is not unreasonable to conclude that a legitimate footprint was literally "touched up" in the toe region.

      Neither does Crowley cite these casts as consistent with his casting artefacts, nor does Chilcutt cite these casts as consistent with his biological traits;
      "Compare this texture with another cast associated with Paul Freeman, also claimed to exhibit dermal ridges. This is a close-up of the 1982 so-called “Elk Wallow“ cast. Both textures are said to be “Bigfoot’s dermal ridges”, yet they are grossly and obviously dissimilar."

      Nowhere in Crowley's work does he apply the casting artefacts he's studied to the Elk Wallow AKA Mill Creek casts.

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