Friday, March 3, 2017

Top 5 Bigfoot Facts Confirmed

From Top 5 Facts about Bigfoot Confirmed


  1. Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès. Guy killed his wife and children, burried them in his garden. Told people they move to Australia or that he was a secret agent working for the fbi about drug trafficking. Then he vanished. Last time he was seen was in an hotel in south of France. Where are you man. Why did you kill them.
    This story was a huge deal back then in France because they look like perfect christian wealthy family.

  2. Jennifer Kesse. Young, professional woman vanishes into thin air. We can't say for sure if it happened the night before (her cell phone and a friend's cell phone left at her apartment both had the batteries removed at about 10 pm) or the in the morning of the day she was noticed missing (her shower was wet and work clothes were laid out implying she had being going about/gone through her morning routine). There was a sketchy cast of characters including construction workers in her condo complex that she said made her uncomfortable, a married coworker who crept on her, her ex, her current boyfriend, and god knows who else. In the afternoon of the day she went missing, somebody was seen on security photos parking her car at a nearby apartment complex. Unfortunately, the security camera only took an image every 3 seconds, and in both images showing the parker, their face is obscured by a fence railing. From what we can see in the video, the person is estimated to be 5'3" to 5'5", wearing some sort of light-colored outfit, and has a bun or headgear (like a bike helmet or newsboy cap). This combination of characteristics makes it impossible to determine this person's gender, age, ethnicity, anything. We also don't know if this person is even responsible for her disappearance; many people have stated that it's not unusual to ask some undocumented worker to perform a task, like moving a car, for $50 in cash or a similar fee. This case drives me insane, because there's so many possibilities and we really don't know anything.

  3. Kristen Modafferi was scheduled to begin classes at UC Berkeley on June 24, 1997. On June 23, just one day before classes began, she asked a Spinelli's Coffee coworker for directions to Baker Beach, next to Land's End Beach. She clocked out of work at 3pm and was last seen at 3:45 pm with an unidentified blond woman. A bloodhound tracked her scent to Land's End Beach and the mall where Spinelli's Coffee was located, but then the dog lost her scent at a bus stop. She has not been seen since.
    Kristen was a childhood friend, and this year marks 20 years since she vanished, so I will continue to share her story in hopes of one day finding what happened.