Bigfoot Encounters At Lemolo Lake

From PacWest Bigfoot:

I love to camp, and so does my wife. We are not much for hunting, but fishing, camping, and even hiking up around Lemolo Lake Oregon is something we love to do, at least when Bigfoot is not around that is.

We had our first ever, and only to this point, encounter and experience with Bigfoot up around Lemolo Lake, Oregon back in the late 1980's. I figured it was about time we at least shared our story out here, and let people know that yes, Bigfoot do in fact roam that area.

So, here is the wife's and mine account, and yes, my wife saw it through the screen of the tent, and to this day, she gets a little creeped out camping, still...


  1. Night visitor. More like nocturnal emissions.

    1. Haints and dogboy hiding the sausages with each other.

    2. "I used to make sausages with a young farm child"..........lktomi


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