Bigfoot Eats Humans

Kathy strain talks about the cannibal side of the bigfoot phenomenon.


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    1. You do have something in common with stevie struefartperson.

      the name of stevie

    2. Indeed but alas we are not one in the same..

      But hey hopefully he's an aqueous fan!

    3. Indeed good have a brain.

    4. That was a very very squabble he had with his pal the last 2 days.

  2. I always thought US "justice" was bad...I guess there are degrees of bad...

    A Mexican man was cleared of raping a 17-year-old girl because he didn’t enjoy it.

  3. An Indonesian man disappeared. Villagers found his body inside a 23-foot-long python.

  4. Doo Doo. Bigfoot eats Doo Doo.

  5. Kathy Strain is a federal employee whose job is to protect federal top secrets and simultaneously cause the public to be afraid of Bigfoot so that the public shuns persons who divulge that Bigfoot is real and that Bigfoot is paranormal (top secret). It is impossible to trap a Bigfoot in a cave and kill him because they can shape shift to an alternate form in another dimension and travel through the rock and escape, all while being invisible. Notice that Kathy does not know anything about any bodies that were the result of a family of Bigfoot being killed in a cave, which would be the proof that the alleged event occurred. So there is no proof and consequently, her detective work sucks. Furthermore, she continues to spread the lie that Bigfoot are simple flesh & blood creatures, that can be killed as if they were a common forest animal. She knows that this is not true and has admitted it to other BFRO persons such as Tom Yamarone and Bobo Faye. So Kathy Strain is not telling the public the whole truth.

    1. Kathy is an idiot indeed, funny how none of the Bigfoot researchers have any problems.
      These creatures are NOT inter dimensional! I have all the proof to prove otherwise, they are not leaving our dimension, they are still right there, just very hard to see.

    2. I have read several times that the tribes say there are 4 types of bigfoot and all with differentiating abilities and features...there are certainly lots of accounts of bigfoot literally vanishing in the middle of a field,say...with a trail of footprints leading up to the spot yet nothing leading away...I haven`t a clue whether this is the case of not but just pointing out what the tribes say.

    3. People say prints disappear, but funny how no one has pics or video showing this. The Bigfoot merely jumped into a tree.
      Their camo ability would make one think they disappear, but they don't.

    4. DS and Dr. Squatch, must be the same idiot who has no idea what he is dealing with. Yes, Bigfoot can disappear while standing right in front of you. Other dimensions exist right along side man's dimensions, so when a Bigfoot changes to a nearby subdimension of the 4th dimension, to man's subdimension, they can still be heard making heavy footsteps but still be invisible. Shifting to a subdimension a little further away from man's, their foot step sound is barely perceptible as a faint twig break every now and then. Further out than that and they float and make no footstep sounds whatsoever. The science of Bigfoot invisibility has been studied by real scientists and by me. And I have worked this all out to be in compliance with what little the government has spoon fed to people who they studied for how well they receive Bigfoot science.

  6. Yep.

    This Dan Shirley vid is evidence of that:
    At 5:45, you see a hominid eye shine, then few seconds lter, you see a wee person drop out of that same tree (in one behind) and scurry up a tree in the back with gravitional mind boggling skills I have never seen. Blow it up and slow it down and you'll see.

    Most Bigfooters are playing 3-d checkers, thinking The Big Man is playing 2-d tic-tac-toe, while in reality the big guy is playing 4-d chess. Once you open your mind up to the realm of possibility, your mind will be blown. You aren't gonna find an ape, people! That "ape" is gonna find you and if you "see him", it was because he wanted you to see him.


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