Thursday, March 2, 2017

Angry Bigfoot Throws Rocks and Screams

This creepy footage comes from NvTv on youtube. I think anyone would be freaked out if they encountered this in the woods.


  1. Throws rocks and screams ?

    Was it Ikky having a temper tantrum ?

    Ha haha haha hahah


  2. Just once I would like to read where someone picks up the thrown rock and throws it back at the big man.

  3. Just once I'd like to see a bigfoot shot and killed and the body shown on the worldwide news.

    1. We must be kind to the friendly neighborhood bigfoot :) GOOD point from the wife, I had a bigfoot eat right out of my hand. So friendly :)

      Cody H

    2. Ain`t gonna happen buddy coz e` doan` exist.

  4. Bigfoot, so-called, is the absolute apex predator of the land masses of this planet. If you plan to frolic in the forest with them you better be armed and even then you are seriously taking your life into your hands. Note that in all of the cases David Paulides investigated worldwide he hasn't documented a single case where the person who went missing was armed. All bear spray will do is make it mad. Its all fun until somebody gets their arm torn off.