Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Bigfoot Triangle Pattern - What Does It Mean?

The Trail to Bigfoot team believes they have figured out a pattern in bigfoot's behavior. What does it mean? Check out the first night investigation they've done in 2 years.


  1. Trolls blow. Especially DAZZ the SPAZZ.

  2. These guys figured out a pattern of something that doesn't even exist. They must be really smart. I hope they are willing to do a lot of walking. The trail to bigfoot is never ending. " Dazz the spazz " not very original but thanks for the mention. I think it's only fair to give bigfooters one more year and if no bigfeets are found then they just give up and search for dogman.


    1. Keep up the good work Dazz, it drives Joergy and MMC crazy. Joerg is busy having multiple bigfoot encounters as he slumbers. Dream sightings are all the fad in the bigfoot world now.

    2. Hey, 6:15 what's wrong with Dazz? If you were not such a guttless fruit, you would knock on his door then ABOUT FACE and then drop a nickel on the floor, then bend over and SQUEAL OOPS!!like a PUNK!!
      Haa haa haa lol!