Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Algonquin Bigfoot Footage

Parabreakdown takes a look at a piece of footage called the Algonquin Bigfoot footage. He points out a very interesting, but surprisingly overlooked fact about the footage, and it's authenticity.


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    1. Yep you are. Nice to see all the years of therapy are finally paying off.

  2. Dave?what have you done with Phil?

    Hi Chick xx

  3. I love Phil and his never ending disbelief. Every video is fake yet no one ever comes forward. Ever!
    You'd figure if it was so easy to fake these, he'd be out there creating one a week and then schooling us but no he passes all judgement from the comfort of his computer chair!
    Maybe occasionally he takes awalk to park to get some fresh air.
    What's more elusive then Bigfoot.. All the Hoaxers. We got plenty of Phils

    1. I enjoy Phil's videos as well although I sense you were being sarcastic. Most of the videos he critiques are obvious fakes but he does point out reasons for thinking so. As for hoaxers coming forward and confessing, I see no reason why they would want to. They may get a feeling of satisfaction knowing they have fooled some or just want to avoid the scorn from those who feel they were tricked. Some may feel Phil thinks every video fake however he certainly devotes some time to this one and reaches no such conclusion.

  4. I was watching Man in the High Castle yesterday on Amazon, and I was surprised to hear what sounds just like bigfoot yells in the background during one scene. I am absolutely not kidding.

    If you got to season 2 episode 5 at 24:42, there is a scene in which the Joe Blake character is outside talking to his estranged father. As they are talking, you can clearly hear noises in the background that sound just like many of the bigfoot yells that you can listen to on Youtube, the BFRO website, and other bigfoot sites.

    I don't know where they filmed this scene. They either captured bigfoot yells on the episode in the background or whatever is making those sounds on the show is what is being passed off as bigfoot yells on Youtube and bigfoot sites, because it sounds identical.

    Check it out yourself.

  5. poling never disappoints. Once again he shows the world that if he can "analyze" a video, Stevie Wonder can too. Fool.

  6. It's too short to be real, and it has a brow ridge that wraps around it's entire face. It's a hoax.

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