New Breakdown of Famous Bigfoot Video

Bigfoot Tony, a bigfoot enthusiast, takes a look at the famous Hoffman bigfoot footage. This piece of video has been heavily debated, but never debunked.


  1. FIRST for MMC, EVA, VEGAS, JOE, IKTOMI, and all other SUPERS!!!

  2. I like the Hoffman footage for one reason, it's not a blurfoot. Even though it is not entirely sharp, it's at least not as blurry as many bigfoot clips.

    That being said, it always seemed to me that the creature in the clip is wearing shoulder pads. Well, if the shoulder area looks like shoulder pads, then it is a costume and thereby a human in a costume.

    The breakdown video here also brings up some other good points that question the validity of this footage.

    1. Everyone wants a non blurry image, and it's not going to happen if it's a real creature.
      No one films a Bigfoot for 5 seconds anyway.

  3. Oh well,there`s always the stories from "witnesses" to cling to.

    (chuckle chortle chortle)

    1. Short memory.

      "Stories" as in eyewitness reports, and corroborated in 50 years worth of physical evidence.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. 6;46 - corroborated by whom ?

      your statement is an outright lie - corroboration requires evidence - not somebody else saying the same thing ..THAT doesn`t make the grade


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