Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Man Talks About The First Encounter With Sasquatch He Had

From Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio:

Tonight's guest, George Furlott, has been researching Sasquatch for 3 to 4 years. Until he went on a field investigation with an experienced researcher, named Greg Yost, last year, he had never seen a Sasquatch. That all changed, though, on the first night of the outing. George couldn't believe all of the activity he experienced on that outing. We hope you'll tune in and listen to George talk about everything that happened on that outing.

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  1. What gives you Supers the ability to perceive my genuine feelings?


  2. Keep up the great work schooling the cement heads seems they are hopeless but don't give up. Cheers!

  3. Always late to the party.

    I was reading the comments down in a thread below and seen there was some discussion concerning Dr. Sykes's book The Nature of the Beast. Although I am not completely through it, I have to say it's an enjoyable read. I can't help but feel I would like the man and he comes across as unfailing polite and respectful of other's feelings. So far I have especially enjoyed tidbits concerning Heuvelmans and Sanderson, both who I admired when I was young. I even had the audacity to call up Sanderson who was quite congenial to this teenager however I learned much later was not in the best of health at the time and died not long after. Another treat that I had not expected was a chapter on the "Minnesota Iceman" which I remember seeing at the Nebraska state fair. It was a fake of course but both Heuvelmans and Sanderson were taken in by it. So far it's been a fun read and I would recommend it to anyone interested in the subject.

    1. What was the result of that incident involving some woman hearing a Bigfoot wailing under a tree or something? In the preview that I read, Sykes himself stated that he had heard the same noise and was spooked about it.

    2. A few spare minutes this morning to answer that question. I'll try to condense down the gist of it. SPOILER ALERT!

      The claim was made by Lori Simmons of a Sasquatch which apparently was believed to be living underground under a tree and communicating by wood knocks and (according to her) conversation. Now Sykes did indeed hear the wood knocks and was genuinely intrigued by this. He went back later along with a park ranger and they discovered the wood knocks were being made by a side branch fifty feet above the base rubbing against another and was amplified by the hollow truck at the base which made it sound like it was coming under the tree. The hairs he collected at the site turned out to be deer and one long hair he determined to be Lori's herself. Totally busted.

  4. Actually I was surprised to learn Professor Bryan Sykes publish the rangers hypothesis and not his own. I've been working with Wildlife Biologist John Bindernagel to further my field research. Feel free to visit my YouTube. I've uploaded amazing audio recordings. All sounds coming from this tree. The growls and deep bumps that tremble the ground I stand on. My hypothesis is that through experience that Sasquatches do use underground for shelter. Sounds like a wild gorillas throwing a tantrum. Hasn't anyone else experienced this kind of behavior? I used a Wildlife acoustic recorder I highly recommend for recording wildlife. Feel free to message me about experience that maybe similar. Thank you! All the Best! Lori Simmons YouTube videos