Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Man Discovers Giant Yowie Print In Yard

A man in Australia documents the large track he found and casted in his yard of what appears to be a Yowie. The Australian cousin to the bigfoot. Check it out:


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    1. Hey PIB!

      And a shout out to Uno who took the late late shift last night

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    3. " Yowie footprint" ?

      Prove your ridiculous assertion.

      Lame, lame ,lame, lame , lame ,

      Lame on you , if ya got no proof ,

      I said lame , lame , lame ,lame ,layyyaaaym,

      if ya got no proof - coz ya just a fool.

      I heard Chick widda Dick is the singer...great words but shitty voice

    4. Ok 3:37 I'll beg just for you, Oink Oink Suuwee Suuwee.

    5. ^ Just because those are the noises you make to beg your partner, it doesn't mean they work to beg Chick. Chick told you how to beg her. Take a lesson!

    6. Haaa haaaa! What a mental image, thats too funny!

  2. Doesnt this guy know its a human bare foot print made when someone (one of those kids making noise in background?) jumped in the mud, skid forward to a stop... result: big LONG NOT MASSIVE, human print.