Thursday, February 23, 2017

Man Claims Photo Shows A Bigfoot Producing An "Orb"

Jerry Cline posted this photo of what he claims "clearly" shows a juvenile bigfoot producing an orb. Do you see it?


  1. Wow I don't see anything. Its like a Dr. Squatch image.

    1. Yes ! Except without the red outlines
      Doc Squat finally has met his match in bigfoot garbage photos

    2. WHAT? you don't believe my tinted, blurry trail cam photo doesn't "clearly" show a juvenile bigfoot producing an orb? Screw you guys - I'm going home.

      Jerry Cline

    3. There goes the jealous idiot Kekky again.
      I don't know who this jive turkey cline is but his evidence is weak and not even in the same ballpark as mine. My evidence speaks for itself and can't be questioned by kekky or any other jealous idiot out there
      come into the woods with me. I'll show you something amazing you wont soon forget

    4. ^ dont trip bro, he aint nothing but a jive turkey!!
      lol ,

    5. Hey man , im gonna send you a brand new flir ocean Scout 240 Thermal ,, Then that'll cork thier pus holes!
      Haa haa haa lol!!

      U know who!

    6. Uno,, what?
      how's about a Armasight Helios 640 @ 30HZ bro???

      U no who

    7. This is a Dogman Pup Mr. Cline, and it's a decent photo considering no one else has anything, especially jealous Kekky!
      It's not producing an orb.

  2. "Hey, Bigfoot! Pull my finger. Heh, heh, heh."

  3. an invitation to the woods to see something you wont forget...hmmm cue Duelling Banjos...we all seen Deliverance

  4. how do we know if its a Juve dogman...did someone see it licking its own balls? or was it dragging its arse along the ground before peeing on a lampost...oh instead of juvenile dogman could we not call it say pupboy...