Friday, February 3, 2017

Bigfoot Remains Elusive On The Backroads Of Ohio

Ohio is known as a hotbed of bigfoot activity across the state. A lot of those sightings occur when the creature crosses the road in front of a car.



  1. I now conceive of Bigfootery as being as intellectually bankrupt as creationism. Why? Because the Bigfoot proposition, like creationism, is tested on a daily basis. It has failed on a daily basis, and has failed on a daily failed for decades.

    How specifically is the Bigfoot proposition tested on a daily basis? First off, as mentioned earlier, roadkill. Bigfoot is asserted to be a real animal, whose range is the entire North American continent. For decades now, drivers travel literally billions of miles on those roads each year. Traffic is constant. Animals of all kinds both common and rare, like Florida panthers, are killed. Not a single Sasquatch. Hikers traverse the wilderness daily, including the alleged habitation areas of Bigfoot. Humans by nature are curious, and anomalous details stand out. A human shaped skull the size of a basketball would stand out, as would virtually ANY part of a humanoid carcass. The natural curiosity of hikers is an unintentional test for all sorts of anomalies, such as aircraft debris occasionally found in the wilderness. No Bigfoot carcass has ever been found in North America. Geologists, road engineers, paleontologists, and others dig and move earth on a daily basis in North America. Though most are not intentionally looking for Bigfoot fossils, anomalous fossils would be noticed, as would all sorts of anomalies. Wildlife photographers capture high resolution, unambiguous photographs of all sorts of animals, including very rare ones, on a daily basis. In 50 years of Bigfootery, the number of clear and unambiguous photographs or motion pictures of Sasquatch produced by non-Bigfoot advocates is zero.

    The claim by Bigfoot advocates that Bigfootery is a legitimate scientific question continues to function as effective propaganda because the notion of unintentional testing is non-obvious.

    For many years now, creationists have tried to argue that creationism is a legitimate scientific question. “Teach the Controversy” they argue. It’s a subtle form of propaganda. Creationists attempt to stage public “debates” with top scientists. In this way, creationists are subtly attempting to persuade by suggesting the issue is a legitimate controversy, and that the creationist’s argument and evidence is equivalent to that offered by legitimate scientists. Bigfoot advocates engage in a similar form of propaganda, though I suspect that they do so unconsciously.

    By causing “Bigfoot skeptics” to continually respond to putative evidence, Bigfoot advocates tacitly position the Bigfoot proposition as a valid scientific question. Furthermore, this obscures the damning flaw of Bigfootery, which is that the Bigfoot proposition is unintentionally tested daily, and fails daily.

    1. I've crossed the road countless times without getting run over xx

    2. Hi PIB,, hope all is well my most stalwart acquaintance.

    3. Where are all the "joeboys" at??


    4. Hello 3:00.You know you and Joe should get along more :) xx

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    6. 99% of the jerks on this forum, are PAIDED TO BE HERE AND RIDICULE THE EXISTENCE OF BIGFOOT! But selfish Shawn gets paid for everytime that they post, so he gives them a pulpit to destroy all of Bigfoot research.

    7. Atheistic evolution is the biggest load of BS ever passed off as legitimate science. It is sooooo ridiculous that it is laughable.

      A genetic code cannot come from nothing. Genetic information cannot go from simpler (there is no such thing as a simple code) to more, extremely complex genetic information with the extra information coming out of nothing. There is no way that a mind bogglingly complex human genetic code could come about as a result of nothing more than a mindless series of accidents without an intelligence involve. You could give it a trillion years and it would never happen.

      There is no way that a mindless process that advocates gradual change over large periods of time would ever result in something like butterfly metamorphosis. It would never happen.

    8. Well I'm glad you have all the answers Mr. Smartypants.

    9. ..Its been 60 years since the article about prints found on Wallace's job site coining the term bigfoot was published ..However the idea of ape-men was already well known because much was written about Shiptons yeti print found in 1952..The notion was popular enough to warrant the production of the first ape man movie in 1954, "Snow Creatures"....
      The search is really 65 years old...

      ..To be fair, not all advocates claim a nation-wide distribution, and if they are relegated to the PNW only(save for a few wandering rogues) then of course the chance of discovery is decreased greatly..EEG..



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