Sunday, February 12, 2017

Bigfoot Photo Taken Minutes Away From Woman's Home

Youtuber and bigfoot enthusiast Bigfoot Tony takes a look at a photograph of an alleged bigfoot. Tony uses some comparison photos to try and sort it all out.


  1. Why are there no clear photos? Why are they blurry?

    1. Because it's easier to pass off BS that way.

  2. Why does this sight keep giving these idiots attention?


  4. great photo !
    Way better than the garbage doc squat regularly gets which is to say nothing because his stuff is all grade A garbage
    Kaboom !

    1. Just wait till I contribute $ to help Dr Squatch get a thermal, Then he will make you EAT YOUR WORDS vegas(iktomi)thedog!!
      Why are you so Weird??

      AC collins

    2. oh geez, will you break open your piggy back to help doc fake more of his b.s photos ? maybe you can help him buy a better camera
      snoozers, you loozers
      kaboom !

    3. Vegas(iktomi)thedog ^ Just got triggerd!! lol!

      CLAM SLAM!



      I just got a pic of a Monkey man, dogman and white nose bigfoot hybrid that is 10 feet tall! MAJOR KABOOM! Destroyed!

      -Doc (not really)aka the greatest bigfoot and cryptid researcher of all time

    5. Thermal camera's won't work Ac, and I will not scout at night anyway, no good pics will ever come out of a night investigation.
      6:56, "Great photo" LOL Kekky, shows again just how clueless you are about field research!

      7:36, i have the best rated camera, #1 in 2015! Look how CRYSTAL CLEAR the cars are as i walk in!

      Clear Forest Boy!! This is how you do it Jealous Kekky!

    6. Another footer who's afraid of the dark!

    7. Kelly Shaw is the real #1 Bigfoot and Cryptid researcher, lets get real here. Doc is certainly a competent foliage photographer but lacks the acumen, prowess, athletic gifts, intellectual approach and testicular fortitude that has become the hallmark of Kelly 'The Iron Man' Shaw. If we take an honest look at the situation, we must conclude that Doc is likely the 117th best cryptid researcher (maybe 115th tops) but pales in comparison next to the prolific, yet masculine and strangely compassionate, "The Iron Man".

      On top of employing an entrepreneurial spirit, a winning attitude, larger testicles than Doc and more athletic gifts, "The Iron Man" is also the owner, GM and CEO of the widely respected 'Rocky Mountain Dinner and Destinations'. It has been said that "The Iron Man" knows how to please the ladies and knows no other way of conducting life than winning; infact, some say that he wins so much that those in his life are simply sick of winning of all the time - they have even been rumored to say "Iron Man, can we stop winning so much?'

      When "The Iron Man" goes searching for the great beast, he goes into it's lair, makes things personal, gets low down and dirty, even puts in peril the lives of his loved ones. Thus, if it comes time for a scrap, it is good that he is a 9th degree Judoka red belt, an 8th degree BJJ black belt, is superbly competent in the art of fisticuffs and can protect his family from all kinds of cryptids, woods pedophiles and dogmen with Aspergers if such an occasion were to arise.

      Kelly does not simply go to the local Pennsylvania Walmart parking lots and shoot pictures of rocks and pass them off as monkey men; he does not go to the local bike trails and beget pictures of leaves and pass them off as forest boys either. When Kelly finds forest boys, you can sleep assuredly that they are bonafide bigfeets. On the other hand, and tragically for many a milk carton family, the only forest boy that Doc is familiar with is the one that is duct taped in his trunk and will end up buried in the forest after he and Itkomi have finished sampling their fruits.

      -Dazz Blezz

  5. G'day bigfoot evidence.
    I get stoned today very well. This site is funny. You all have funny faces and I laff so hard today. I like too laff to much today.
    Puff puff
    now I have good feelyng

    Daz from Oz

  6. "Ontario, Canada, USA", eh?

  7. Tony, dude...I respect your skills of spotting things and in using this image editor to show us what you see, but your presentation needs work.

    My suggestion....less set up and lead up, and less trying to prove over and over that the two images are of the same thing, and add more meat, the actual comparison of the two images.

    Basically you spent 16 min to do what should have taken 5 min. Cut out 90% of the lead up and proving its the same location in both images. Just get to what the people want to see. Thx!

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