Sunday, February 19, 2017

Bigfoot in Nebraska? Yep!

Bigfoot seems to be everywhere, even Nebraska. Check out this news report about some of the activity being reported.


  1. I actually attended this out of curiosity it being my home state and not that far a drive. I would estimate the crowd at 300 -350, fairly respectable for a first time conference. Almost all the speakers had a vending table of which I counted about 7. Out of the 4 speakers the only one I was familiar with was Lyle Blackburn. They also had the producers of the movie "Something in the Woods" of which they showed the night before. I was amused to see some of the spots they claimed to have a Bigfoot sighting was quite heavily farmed with very little cover. I have serious doubts that Nebraska is a Bigfoot hot spot but after this conference I'm sure it will be - LOL.

    There was one member of the audience that spoke up during the question and answer session that I viewed as certifiably nuts. He claimed to have spotted one outside of his home in eastern Nebraska (I'm not sure if it was night or day) and shot at it through his window. He said he was scared to death and had a $700 dollar repair bill for the window. Anyone who shoots at a humanoid figure for simply walking outside his home is either incredibly stupid or crazy in my book.

    If anyone has any questions concerning this conference I would be happy to try and answer to the best of my ability.

    1. To Anon 7:03 the answer sadly is no. In fact at my age I am grateful if a pretty woman even looks twice at me.

    2. Your curiosity goes far beyond being curious, 6:48. Might you secretly believe? Either that or your superiority complex drives you to attend to bask in your supreme knowledge that no others attending have. They are all fools and of lower intelligence than you, right? And you'd be more than willing to share your condescending attitude with others there, as we here at the blog endure you.

      Does anyone question how you make your living, Curious? Why is it unacceptable to you that the speakers have vending tables? What can possibly be wrong with that? No one is forced to buy their wares.

      I'm amused, though not surprised, that you were "amused" by people's sighting locations. They must all be lying though, because with your superior intelligence, you know better and it cannot possibly be true. You come across as quite the pompous ass...LOL!

      Did you recognize the certifiable nut? Did he bear any resemblance to you? I hope you get my point, you know, with all that superior knowledge you have to know that what the man said was not true.

      You're probably the skeptard who is giving away his rickety house (that he can't sell) for proof of Sasquatch. Good luck with that.

    3. Wow - hit a nerve eh? Okay - let's review:

      Did I say it was unacceptable that the speakers had vending tables? Read it carefully now. I merely reported it as such. You are correct saying no one is forced to buy their wares (and I didn't).

      Have you been to Nebraska? Are you familiar with the areas I spoke of? Well I am and some of the spots listed provide very little cover for movement. However if you go the portal route then I suppose it is possible - LOL.

      I would call ANYONE who shoots at a human shaped figure just out walking around a nut. Doesn't take superior knowledge to realize that.

      Believe it or not - I once believed in Bigfoot but I'm afraid I am no longer of the faith. My interest now is the people who believe such as yourself and to turn it right back you come across as a . . . . well, let's not go there.

    4. Wow! Now whose nerve is hit and aching? Let's review:

      As far as vending tables, it must have
      bothered you or you wouldn't have made a point to bring it up. We all know they sell things at the conferences, so you didn't need to inform us.

      I purposely tried to sound like a pompous ass to turn it back onto you to give you a taste of your own medicine. The difference is I had to try and sound that way. Yours seems to come naturally. You've had plenty of practice here on this blog anyway.

      I have been to Nebraska, but only to drive through. That doesn't mean the people's sightings aren't legitimate. What portal route? You have portals in Nebraska? LOL

      You say you no longer believe but I think that is not the truth. Why would anyone who no longer believes be here so often on this blog and go to conferences? If it wasn't your need to believe, then it had to be your need to be a condescending know-it-all.

      Now you profess that your interest is people like me who believe. We don't come to this blog to be your test monkeys and to be psychoanalyzed by a condescending jerk like you. Thus, you fit perfectly the definition of pompous ass.

      And just because you didn't write out the whole phrase doesn't mean you didn't go there, so get off your high horse.

      Oh and, read my response carefully now. Try to understand what I am saying. LOL!

    5. "I Babysit Young Boys,cheap"-
      Joe Fitsgerald

    6. I have a question curious...There wasn't any evidence shown at the conference was there!

      You seriously need to be on my channel everyday if you don't believe!

  2. tldr fagggottt went to nebraska god the aids

  3. why wouldn't bigfoot be in Nebraska ?
    Bigfoot is in every state except Hawaii (he seems to have an aversion to the hula)


    1. As a previous hula dancer, I think Bigfoot would like it!

    2. I doubt Bigfoot would like you doing it though.

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  5. I read somewhere that bigfoot in Nebraska are fatter than the bigfoot in other regions because they are corn fed.