Friday, January 6, 2017

New Year Bigfoot Sightings

From the youtube channel The Others, comes the newest bigfoot sightings that have made the news so far this year.


  1. #looneytoons approved 2017 long live bigfootevidence

  2. Remember when ketchum, championed by mulder, dwa et al, was about to blow skeptics out of the water with scientific proof? Ah great nostalgia. Just lovely. I look back and chuckle, and then chuckle again at how mulder was never seen again and how it was back to microsoft paint for sweaty yeti and his patty stills. B-but w-weve still got patty and look at this enhanced picture of the diaper butt! Classic. Its ok maybe munns will live out his lifelong dream and fly through bluff creek sat in a porch chair suspended from a helicopter. Yes that would prove bigfoot is real. Good work bill. All that remains of a once thriving community with so much hope riding on a cat vetenerian, is a mental welsh guy "schooling" skeptics on an obscure blog. It is a far cry from the bustling peak of footery where every week we would see matt moneymaker running around after bumps in the night, partaking in what I hope (for his sake) was mearly a comic entertainment performance for the masses. I am kind of thankful that we still have joe around as a throwback to all the lunacy that came before. Bigfootery - one word: Fascinating.

    1. Remember when you had never heard the name Joe F. and became hopelessly obsessed? Back when you still had a life and worked at Taco Bell? look back and chuckle, and then chuckle again at how you made it out into the sunlight occasionally. You weighed less than 700 lbs back then and could still make it down the hallway. Imaginary living made you happy and you still had that false idea that you were almost normal. Now you will just have to suspend your blow-up doll with the picture of Patty's face on it from the bedroom ceiling fan over your bed for a good time because Joe F has ruined your entire world.

    2. Perhaps he'd fancy ruining my arse !