Friday, January 6, 2017

New Security Cameras In Place After Possible Bigfoot Activity

Robert Dodson sets up a new camera system after experiencing what might have been a sasquatch coming up close to his base camp.


  1. Settle down now - and steady yourselves for another hoax.

  2. Robert doesn't hoax. His eye shine video is legit and Dan Shirley just caught the same thing. RD probably puts more time in than almost any other researcher and if he anted to hoax, he would atleast have had something better than just eyeshine and would have made some money off of it. People that hoax are the city folk type like Rick Dyer that go to a state forest or something, for the first time in their life, and happen to get an amazing video. If you want to know these things are real, get a job as a solo logger or something, do something where you are in the remote forest 365 and you will notice stuff.

    1. Most of these guys never leave the basement so thats never going to happen.

    2. Oh that`s right - none of them hoax at all, ever ,nope ,not ever ever ever.

  3. Of course Dodson doesn't hoax. He misidentifies, which is not the same thing.

    Hoaxing is fooling other people. Dodson only makes a fool of himself.

    Dodson has integrity, but lacks ability. Hoaxers like Dyer have the brains, but lack integrity. And then there's Kelly Shaw, who has neither brains nor integrity.