Monday, January 9, 2017

Man Is Shocked When The "Bear" He's Watching Stands Up

Anthony C writes ” I used to go hiking and camping alone on an almost daily basis in a 400 acre park near me. I`d go running, rappelling, almost anything just to get away from everything, the woods is very peaceful. One time I was out after a long 10 mile hike and on my way back to my car I felt like I was being followed, I heard something just out of view the whole time. It was just about sunset but still light enough to see clearly. I stopped to listen and see if I could see what it was.

I sat there and watched what I at first thought was a black bear digging around looking for food or something. That would be rare but not unheard of where I am. I was shocked when it stood up, about 6-7 ft. tall, looked right at me for about 1-2 seconds clearly as amazed as I was, then it took 2 steps and was gone.
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  1. The man was shocked when the "bear" turned out to be a bear.

    1. The man was shocked when the "bear" turned out to be pedo Joe hanging around a grade school playground.

    2. Or When Haints turned out to be Stuey hanging around the bigfoot site again.

  2. The man was shocked when he discovered that the bear was simply Hussein Obama hiding in the weeds with an RPG waiting on the order to "kill the white infidel" by his Islamic Brotherhood members.