Man Has Encounters With Different Creatures

From Brenton Sawin Mysteries To Search:

Shawn is an archaeologist who had a Dogman encounter and other strange experiences. Bigfoot and Dogman are known more than some of the other stories Shawn tells so stayed tuned and hear what he has to say. Paranormal cases from around the world as this man travels throughout his career.


  1. I have encounters with all shapes and sizes too - it really opened my eyes - and my thighs,hint hint and I just enjoy meeting so many different customers now.


    1. thighs?--THIGHS??--WTF???

      Dont ya think "BUTT CHEECKS"
      Would be more appropriate??

      JUST WHAT KINDA "JOE" are you ,,, PINK?--or--STINK??


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