Dog Walker Has Startling Bigfoot Encounter

From the youtube channel of Barbara Shupe:

After several weeks of silence from the local Bigfoots, we have a new witness report from my friend, Coralee. In this video, Coralee shares her recent experience, up the trail, where she heard an amazing and unmistakable vocalization, as well as another account, from the same area, she experienced this last spring. Then we finish off with a little bonus footage at the end


  1. Replies
    1. None of these tales are true.

      All the stories are made up and part of an elaborate scheme to divert believers from the real inhabitant of the woods...Dogman.

  2. This woman seems sane - what's she doing with crazy Barb?

  3. Unless you can prove that this woman didn't have a startling bigfoot encounter, then this woman had a startling bigfoot encounter and bigfoot is real.

    Joe Iktomi

  4. Can someone explain to WHO is JOE, Iktomi? or Fitzgerald? And why does everyone hate this guy? I'm really lost on this...and what did he do? why does everyone troll this guy?


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