Thursday, January 26, 2017

Boy and Mother Have California Bigfoot Encounter

PacWest Bigfoot shares more harrowing tells of bigfoot encounters from the Pacific Northwest.


  1. I'm not trying to be snarky but genuinely curious. Are those who believe content with what is presented here daily as strong evidence of the existence of Bigfoot? I read and hear the stories of witnesses being presented with no or little background, I see videos of those out looking for Bigfoot showing what they call evidence which looks unconvincing to me. I see pictures which are indistinguishable at best being shown as images of Bigfoot. Do those of you who believe feel we are getting any closer to getting proof of it's existence or would you be just as happy if it will NEVER be proven? It just appears little has been accomplished since the PG film in proving anything and I can't help but wonder if the passage of time is taking it's toll on those who are so enthusiastic about the subject. Are you as hopeful today as you were 10 years ago?

    1. Dr ScamSquatch is delusional at best. Yes kiddo you proved it. We can all just shut down these Bigfoot media sites and give up the search. ScamSquatch has ready prooved it. We have a lollipop for your efforts. As soon as you get a permission slip from your mother it's all yours ScamSquatch.

    2. Not only have I beyond proven it but I've also won gold medals for proving it and my walls are filled with fan mail from all over the world saying how great a #1 cryptid researcher I am.
      Not to sound big headed but i am still and will forever be the number one bigfoot researcher who ever lived. You could say i'm the Babe Ruth of bigfootry.
      Despite all of that I would still need the aid of one of you fine strapling gentlemen in my quest to repatriate my pubic hair/ turd samples from Dr Meldrum . He also has in his possession some extra rare vintage porn VHS tapes he borrowed from me a few years ago . He said he would return them soon after making some private copies for himself but he never gave them back and many attempts later to contact him have proven fruitless (he wont answer my texts or phone calls) I really need those tapes back !
      This is a matter of life or something far worse for me

    3. Dr. Squatch it is not proof unless it is recognized by science. I'm sure you realize you will need something of a physical nature if you are to be believed. One can have thousands of photographs but if they are open to interpretation then they prove nothing. There have been many purported images of Bigfoot over the over the years and none have proved it's existence. Have you tried following tracks in the snow and do you have any videos of doing so? Please post a link if so.

    4. But I have binders filled with evidence. You are just closed minded like so many fools who refuse to acknowledge my overwhelming evidence. Just try to prove any of it is false, you can't so therefore you cast stones upon me
      Put down your stones and open your mind piglet

      Kaboom !

    5. LOL - poor old Dr. Squatch sure does get mocked here. I'm afraid that will continue to be the case unless he comes up with more compelling evidence than what has been presented so far.

    6. Goodnight kekky. I'll sleep well dreaming about my 100% proven evidence while you count sheep under your covers

    7. First off Curious, no one can mock me, not a single person has proved any of my video's not to be a Bigfoot, and do you know why that is?????? Because no one researches, no one has a CLUE what they are, what they look like, where to find them, but I DO! I'm the one who MOCKS THE SKEPTICS!!!!

      Physical proof is right around the corner, i'm so close to them it's not even funny!

    8. They're living in your mind

  2. Some old man told me a story about how he was out ginsening in West Virginia. He was kinda spooked out and felt something was watching and stalking him.

    Found some more ginseng and saw some he of the woods mushrooms. he gathered them up and put them in his burlap bag. He heard some brush shake and some twig snaps. He loaded his rifle just incase. As he was loading his pistol, he heard a load grunt and was bull rushed by a Bigfoot in an nWo shirt and wearing a Buff Bagwell Buff Daddy top hat.

    He got off a couple of wild shots as him and Bigfoot were tumbling about 10 feet down in this holler. Bigfoot started punching his mouth loose and then put the old man in a fujiwara armbar. The the old man decided to play dead. It was his only defense. It worked. He laid there about 5 minutes sensing if everything is ok to gather his senses and make a mad dash to get the hell out of there. Sure enough, he looked with one eye open. The coast was clear. He searched frantically for his burlap bag of ginseng and hen of the woods mushrooms and his guns. He found them and made a mad dash to the direction where he parked his truck. The old man... was down the road.