Saturday, January 21, 2017

Book Chronicles Strange Events In Massachusetts

Check out this book from author John Coster. It's getting some fantastic reviews by readers.

This book chronicles a series of strange events that happen in western Massachusetts after a woman hiking in a forest sees a manlike creature assumed to be a white Sasquatch. Begun as a journal entry recording just the sighting, the story evolves as the woman and the author experience seeming communications from the being. Odd coincidences and compelling physical evidence accumulate over the course of a year, expanding the story and confirming the existence of a real physical being, but also demonstrating that there are unseen forces at play in the natural world. Though the narrative momentum of the story builds in ways suggestive of a novel, this is not a work of fiction. One might call it interpretive nonfiction because the story, like the white Sasquatch itself, seems to connect the inner and outer worlds of the main characters. It also raises questions about our place in the natural world and the limits of our scientific understanding. This is not just a book for Bigfoot enthusiasts. It is a story for anyone interested in the possibility that different realities can converge in ways not fully understood either by psychologists or followers of the natural sciences.
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