Friday, January 6, 2017

Bigfoot In The Boneyard - Featuring Dallas and Wayne

From Sasquatch: Out of the Shadows - 

This episode features the notable Ohio Bigfooting hunting duo of Dallas Gillbert & Wayne Burton. Much of their research has been in an area dubbed the "Boneyard" in Wayne National Forest in Southern Ohio. Dallas & Wayne share some of their experiences in the area and some of their techniques such as calling and wood knocking.


  1. According to a CNN report about 15 minutes ago, there is a report coming out of Oregon that a bigfoot was hit and killed by a pickup truck. I'm not kidding. I went right here to let others know.

    1. Itkomi just burst out of his panties. Completely false. Bigfoot doesn't exist.


    2. Turn on CNN. I just saw it too. I'm sure other networks will pick up the story soon. According to the CNN clip, a 62 year guy was driving his pickup truck to his daughter's house and turned at a sharp bend on a rural road and ran smack into a bigfoot standing in the road around the bend.

    3. CBS just ran the story. All they said that it was a "gorilla-like" animal. Some people are already speculating that it was a chimp that was hit.

    4. I'd fancy visiting the "bone yard" of a sexy bloke !


    5. @6:23 HOLY MOLEY!!!!!!!!
      MABRC'S server just crashed??
      "WHAT UP WHIT DAT"??
      Hang on folks-----ITS ON!!!

    6. Wow - I can't believe it! Details are sketchy but they are insinuating that the "ape" carcass was "strange".

    7. ^ could they hear it mind speak to them ?

    8. 8:05 details are so "sketchy" the story doesn`t exist on any channel.

      - you are so very desperate.

    9. Ha ha - made you look though. Talk about desperate.