Bigfoot Encounter In Gasquet, California

From PacWest Bigfoot:

The Midnight Thief Of Gasquet California I have a midnight thief that comes around a few times a month. Whoever it is, whatever it is, they will come and take food from the garbage cans at night. The biggest concern for me was the fact that the garbage cans are one of those big, giant, metal, old-school dumpsters that a bear or coyote or any other animal can't really get into. I know, you think they can lift the lid. Well, not this one, trust me, it is surrounded by a 6-foot metal fence just for that reason. But who was it? What was it? Well, here is my story about the thief in the night in Gasquet California...


  1. Replies
    1. Would any sexy blokes fancy blowing my "Gasquet" ?


    2. ^ Joe knows all about the Gas part of it - he secretly nostril samples from close by.

  2. I believe this is fake, I live in this town of 500. This is not the store owner in the interview. Locals don't pronounce the name like "gasket". And there is no 6 ft fence surrounding the dumpster and no rumors of this reported from any other locals around here


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