Bigfoot Encounter During 1970's Summer Camp

From Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio:

Tonight's guest, Bryan Bowden, is a field investigator for the Bronxville Paranormal Society ( One night, when he was at summer camp, in the 70's, Bryan had an encounter with something he thought could only be found in the Pacific Northwest. The problem with his thinking was, the summer camp he was attending was in the northwestern corner of Connecticut.

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  1. Who creates the pictures that go with these articles?

    1. Your sub conscience.   The rest of us see a vending machine.

    2. I'd fancy a "Milky Way" please mate !


    3. ...lols...Bigfoots draw the pictures..The site is so active the bigfoots are locked in a room 24/7...That's why you never see one..

  2. I was getting my trail cams from a location one time and seen a Bigfoot scratching his butt while hunched over a pig carcass. I said "Hey, what are ya doin' there buh gawd?" The Bigfoot turned around sneering at me.

    I was in mortal fear and frozen in place. My trousers were filling with yesterdays digested breakfast and the night befores dinner and the days before onions and cabbage I had ate in this eating contest. The smell was really thick, thick as a London fog.

    Ol Bigfoot was smelling the air, my fear. My heart racing faster and faster, yet I was still frozen in fear and finally decided to quickly take up religion, several religions and praying as many gods as possible in hopes one, or all would listen.

    Bigfoot started making these weird noises. grunts, barks, short howls and whoops. Swaying back and forth slightly and still sniffing the air. Im panicking, sweating buckets, my heart is pounding and ready to jump out of chest. I'm starting to cry out of fear for my life.

    Bigfoot is now charging towards me, but only takes a few steps. Im about ready to have a heart attack. I cant even drop to the ground to get in the fetal position im so petrified.

    ... and then I see Bigfoot and what appears to be something like a 1foot tube of bologna just kinda flop out and get bigger and bigger and bigger and throbbing outward towards 3 oclock if youre looking at a watch. This god awful howl, this, this, primal, gutteral howl made the surroundings within a 10 mile radius go completely silent.

    I woke up 3 days later. My backside covered in blood, feces and Bigfoot ball batter. Looked like 5 pounds of neoplitan ice cream i'll tell ya for sure. Pinksocked with a prolapsed rectum, and also covered in poison ivy blisters, ants and other creepy crawlies I staggered to a roadside rest stop that happened to have a payphone and a mapsco. Then I passed out.

    I awoke in a hospital about 240 miles away. I had my left butt cheek removed. My rectum stitched in a bunch of places. my sphincter went through 5 retreading processes. I suffered hair line fractures in my neck bones. my shoulder bones that connect to my neck bones were dislocated. My tailbone, which is connected to my back bone, which is connected to my shoulder bones, which is also connected to my neck bone was removed. Both my knee caps, which are connected to my leg bones, which connect to my pelvis bone, which is connected to my back bone, which is connected shoulder bones, which is also connected to my neck bone were ripped from the patella tendons.

    Years of mental and physical therapy had passed to muster the strength to tell you my story. I would never tell tales out of school and I mean every blessed word of it.

    I will never poop right again as I think it may prolapse my rectum again. I will never look at the deli counter in the grocery store again without seeing tubes of baloney, or salami and bringing back the happenings of that awful, terrifying night.

    My story is real and so is Bigfoot. And either God, or other Gods are not real, or they're fucking deaf... Or maybe they were protesting at Trump rally.

    1. ^ If only you bothered to spend time constructively you would find your life went in an upward direction instead of spiralling downwards ... why be negative when you so clearly have the ability to be constructive ?

    2. 6:24 ,, SHUT THE FOCK UP M K BROOKRESON,, you "pal",Iktomi
      Has been blabbing about your unfortunate encounter for a while now,, Iktomi is one heck of A "GOOD FRIEND",, now go shove an icecube up yur arse!

  3. Best Bigfoot evidence this site ever had

    1. I flushed your DNA down the toilet because it was worthless garbage

    2. Great work as allways Meldrum.. I would like to Appologize in lieu of Dr ScamSquatch... Sorry you have to deal with all the psychos that send in Samsquatch turds and thier moms pubic hair.. We try to talk a little common sense into Dr ScamSquatch. He bothers you regardless because he is on his last brain cell...

    3. Thank you, he is a bum and I hear he's very jealous of Dodson and Zaskey


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