Friday, December 2, 2016

Washington Trail Runner Has Surprise Bigfoot Encounter

From PACWest Bigfoot on youtube: 

Neah Bay in the state of Washington is a beautiful place. I am a native American, and my people have been here for a very long time. And over that time, there have been tales of the "hairy man" told to us.

However, until that morning on my trail run, I thought it was only a myth to keep us kids in check.

My name is John, and I am part of the Makah Indian Nation. I have a Christian name, and yes, I am a Christian as well. I am also, however, now a believer is some of the tales that are passed down by my people.

Why? Well, because one of them thus far has turned out to be true, and that is the tale of the hairy man, or what some have come to believe to be Bigfoot. Here is my story...


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  2. This story is yet another in a long line of entirely unsubstantiated bigfoot stories.