Teenager Encounters Bigfoot In Own Backyard

From PacWest Bigfoot:

The scream was something I’ve never heard before, or since. And what I saw, well, it did not look like a person at all, even from that distance. Besides, I would have probably missed it running across the side of that mountain if it were any smaller. But let me get you up to speed Dave on this sighting, and the experience itself. Here is my “short” story of the scream I heard, and the Bigfoot I saw in Myrtle Creek, Oregon when I was a teenager.


  1. There aren't any bigfoots in Oregon. They all left in disgust when the hipsters started showing up.

    1. Hipsters are such sissies that even bigfoot got disgusted

  2. If you look at the evidence on this site, Bigfoot does not exist whatsoever!

    1. What about Kelly Shaw's evidence Doc?

    2. I Requested to see it days ago....still waiting!

    3. So now you know how we all feel when waiting for your evidence

    4. Oh jealous one, you know I have evidence coming EVERY SINGLE DAY!

      Destruction of skeptics, EVERY SINGLE DAY!

      And not a single one of you douchebags can prove me wrong!
      I love it!

    5. Congrats Doc, you've replaced Iktomi as the resident dingbat of this blog!

    6. He's a certified mad hatter !
      Evidence every day ?
      Funniest line i have ever heard on this blog
      Oh Doc, you crack me up even though it's probably not nice to laugh at mad people

    7. If you checked my channel, you'd see I have evidence coming EVERY SINGLE DAY!

      I'M #1 FOR A REASON!

    8. 8:31 You talk to the wind......How bout trying to debunk my evidence?
      LOL what a Douchebag!

    9. Well Doc, you're similar to the other dingbat Iktomi in that no matter how much someone conclusively shows that your "evidence" is crap, you will continue to cite it as if it hasn't been debunked. I will say that you are much less of a tool compared to Iktomi, so that's an improvement at least!

    10. Vote time


    11. Someone's looking for some attention. I'd love to see one comment section where that's happened... Conspiracy theories have never amounted to an explanation for repeatable scientific evidence.

      Your happy daily reminder.

    12. 18 votes so far and they all say his evidence is crappola !
      congrats doc, you've been voted douchebag of the year
      You even beat Trump !
      wow ! that is an achievement you can tell your grandkids one day !

    13. That's hilarious! This is what Jealous people do! so if the results come back 1,000 No, and 50 yes, How does that prove anything? All that is are people's opinions, and that is not a scientific approach to debunking someone's research.
      That is nothing but childish antics.


    14. Yes, Iktomi, I'd like to see the comments also, because aren't any better pics, and there aren't any better researchers, THIS IS A FACT!

      The skeptics jacked the wrong person, and now they are paying severely for it!

      I LOVE IT!

    15. 18 so far huh?
      Ok, all you 18 people, list who you think is #1

      Oh, this is going to even more Hilarious!

    16. It's not my job to show when someone has repeatedly engaged in intellectual dishonesty. But just as a recent example, a few days ago you shamelessly and deceitfully added the word "infrasound" to a quotation. When it was pointed out that you were misususing the word, instead of admitting your error, you doubled down and continued to insist that your inane interpretation was correct. You have done this same thing hundreds of times in the past.

      I notice that you never defend Dr. Squatch because his insanity is even too much for you. Think about how you conceive of Doc's evidence and you'll have an idea of how 99% of people react to your nonsense! Happy holidays!

    17. The poll proves without any doubt you're a douchebag DS.  It also unanimously proves you are not number 1.  So far you are number zero.  And sorry, no jealousy required.

    18. Really? Wanna bet if I do a video on my channel, it does prove i'm #1.

      My evidence proves i'm CLEARLY #1, not some poll on a Non-evidence Bigfoot site, get a grip!

    19. 10:02 what this poll proves is that when your king of the mountain, you have haters.
      The FACT that i'm throwing evidence in their face daily, is a major thorn in their side!



    20. How about you call me when you actually capture something that moves, then we will talk about #1.  There is a reason every single one of your pictures is a still frame with faces drawn on them.  It's your crutch.  You will never be able to achieve more than that.

    21. yes you are #1
      #1 douchebag
      congrats doc !
      Dr Meldrum is pretty much the authority on bigfoot ! He has the science, he has the credibility and he has a ton of evidence
      you have the madness

    22. doc, shouldn't you be out looking for more tree branches and leaves to photoshop ?
      KABOOM !

    23. (Boring)

      I also provided the actual link to the paper I cited for reference, meaning that if I was trying to be deceitful, I wasn't doing a very good job of it. I see a lot of pretentious words, I see a lot of futile attempts at attacking my character, I see a lot of attempts at trying to look like you know the first thing that happened around the Sierra Sounds... I still don't see you substantiate your versions, lies and shortfalls. It is your job to substantiate your lies. When you simply ad hominem, you look like an angry troll. Nothing more. Here's that comment section...

      ... you'll not only notice that the word "infrasound" was a footnote on my part to explain to numpties like you what "formant frequencies found lower than for human data" means, but you'll also notice that when a basic knowledge of the subject matter was presented as facts, you ran off again.

      You really aren't good at this, are you?

    24. You got haters DS.  But is has nothing to do with Bigfoot.  Trust me.

    25. You made a fool of yourself about not knowing that "formant frequencies found lower than for human data" amounts to infrasound (cringe), you made a fool of yourself claiming that the people there were using "cheap recorders" when Al Berry, a journalist was present to debunk the whole thing with his professional equipment (cringe), and you made a total prat of yourself claiming that this device was not good enough to pick up infrasonic data, when the whole basis of the paper substantiates that and ten minutes looking at be source would have confirmed this.

      (Triple cringe)

      You're a troll that NEEDS to get a reaction, needs to draw people into negativity on the internet to take some control of your own negative emotions, because you have a meagre level of self esteem.

      I think that just about covered everything.

    26. As you know now (because I had to point it out to you), infrasound is defined as sounds that humans cannot HEAR. Neither Morehead, Berry, or Kirlin has ever claimed that the Sierra Sounds could not be heard by humans -- they argued that the sounds could not be MADE by humans. Under your ridiculous definition, the sound of a dog barking is infrasound! Go ahead and look up the word and copy and paste it.

      A reporter would have no reason to use a tape recorder that picked up anything other than normal sound. That's the whole point of a reporter having a recorder!

      Anyway, go ahead and continue to wallow in your own tangled web of deceit and misrepresentation. It's certainly entertaining to witness!

    27. https://youtu.be/ZPsaM3TYfC4

      16mins, Morehead refers to them as "people". Shall we look at the definition of "people"? Ok...
      1. human beings in general or considered collectively.
      "the earthquake killed 30,000 people"
      synonyms: human beings, persons, individuals, humans, mankind, humankind, the human race, Homo sapiens, humanity, the human species, mortals, (living) souls, personages, {men, women, and children}; More
      2. the members of a particular nation, community, or ethnic group.
      "the native peoples of Canada"
      synonyms: race, tribe, clan, ethnic group, strain, stock, caste, nation, country, population, populace; More
      1. (of a group of people) inhabit (a place).
      "an arid mountain region peopled by warring clans"
      synonyms: populate, settle (in), colonize, establish oneself in, inhabit, live in, occupy

      Tigers' infrasonic frequencies are found to exist at the same instance that audible frequencies are created in a roar. So even if your LIES we're actually applicable to the recordings, it would mean zilch as to the legitimacy of the data that EXPERTS have verified to exist. And it doesn't matter!! HAAAA!!! It doesn't matter what recorder was used it captured infrasound, you insufferably dense idiot! Nobody had an agenda to use a professional recording equipment with the notion that they might record abnormal frequencies. It merely proves that you know nothing of this, that you should maintain that "cheap recorders" were used when you had journalists on the spot. It PROVES you don't know what the **** you're talking about, you ****.

    28. 10:22 I have movement and blinking...do you even have a single picture? No you don't.

      10:23 Everyone know Meldrum has never been in the woods, and has a reputation built on other researchers hard work.
      That's pathetic!

    29. Link to movement and blinking?

    30. 34-0 !
      3 touchdowns and two field goals
      What a football score !

    31. 4 touchdowns and 2 field goals

    32. I have more, but here's some 12:36.

      Pulls flower into his mouth, sees me, and back away!
      1:00min mark.




      Blinker at the start.....creature sees me, backs up at 3:24.

    33. Dogman is moving back @ 3:24, top right.

    34. Have you ever thought about getting a better camera?

  3. There are a lot of bigfoot BS stories out there. How do I know that this story is factual or just another in a long line of BS stories?

  4. Dr. Squatch does not seem to have a single vote supporting his psychotic assertion that he is number one. 35 people have voted that he is a nutter with zero evidence. I would normally exhibit some compassion when dealing with a mentally ill person but Doc is so obnoxious and detestable that it is impossible to respond to him with anything but contempt. It is pretty astonishing to see someone so unhinged. Perhaps his patients should be informed... for their safety. Time to dox, out and mess this guy up for real.

    1. Great, where are these 35 people? Every one of them needs to list a better researcher, and then post this researchers evidence.

      Yeah, that will the day! Another futile attempt to somehow sweep my overwhelming evidence away.

    2. I agree, Dotson is a real researcher who does not need red lines and circles to point out his evidence because his evidence is not photoshopped unlike doc Squat

  5. What is this? Some blog about some creature called bigfoot? And a lot of comments that I have neither the time not the inclination to read? More liberal propaganda from the lame stream media. I'm not interested. Done.


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