Friday, December 30, 2016

Sasquatch vs. Dogman

From the Supernaturalist on youtube:

An officer of the forest recounts his time in the forest where he enoucnters not only a pair of sasquatch but a dogman as well. His true sasquatch encounter starts off innocently, only watching the pair from a distance but then he gets an up close and personal experience that leaves him ready to track them down.

Finding that they most likely migrate or hibernate during the cold months, he encounters a dogman, ready to take over their territory.

His true dogman encounter leaves him rattled after he finds the severed head of an elk waiting for him at his truck.

Not long after the Sasquatch return, the two cryptids wage war over the territoy that results in one of the most amazing eye witness reports that's ever been heard.


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  3. So we're supposed to believe this? Wow!