Wednesday, December 14, 2016

New Area In Florida Produces New Possible Bigfoot Encounters

The Trail To Bigfoot team blazes a new path into an area they haven't explored before. This new area leads them to some interesting experiences.


  1. WHY do I waste my time watching these guy's videos? They never produce anything of interest and yet here I am suckered in again. What's that phrase going around here now? Oh yeah, NOT INTERESTED! Yes I am DONE with watching videos from these two.

    1. 5:20's catching on! Don't forget about the pitiful research from Dodson, Stover, Squatchmaster, and the others that are shown here!
      This site is great for skeptics, not great for believers!

      Mom holding a baby!

    2. Possible encounters ?

      Yes - but are they probable ?

      Shakes head...No,they are not.

      But don`t tell Joe or he`ll meltdown into a soft sloppy sludge of a brownish kind.

    3. 9:28 Has that in his diaper at this moment. And most moments.

    4. 9:28... It appears name dropping is a sure sign of meltdown mode, and unfortunately for you at least some frequency of encounters are authentic, purely due to the physical evidence accumulated over the past 50 years.

  2. What is this? I'm not interested. Done.