Monday, December 12, 2016

Bird Watching Turns To Bigfoot Watching

From the Pac West Bigfoot channel on youtube:

My name is Wayne, and that is my real name Dave and you can use it. I wanted to share my brief but, real sighting of Bigfoot I had while bird watching at the Yontocket Slough in northern California.

It is a brief sighting, but there was more than one Bigfoot, actually, there were two, and I think they were mates or wanting to be mates I suppose.

Here is my sighting, and if you could Dave, get back to me with what you think they really are, and if you think I am safe going back out there again, or if I should just stop...


  1. When I go bird watching, it turns into big todger hunting !


  2. How about instead of bigfoot watching they do a little bigfoot shooting.

    Remember, there's no season for bigfoots, you don't need tags, and there's no bag limit either.

    Though we really only need one.

  3. Anyone can tell stories? Shit Kelly Shaw makes a YouTube living off of just stories.

    1. That includes just about every researcher too, no proof, just BS stories!