Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Boggy Creek Monster Of Fouke, Arkansas Is Still Being Seen

The Legend of Boggy Creek captured the interest of many bigfoot enthusiasts back in the 70's, but according to reports, the creature is still being seen on a regular basis.

2016 May / Fouke, Arkansas – A newspaper carrier was driving south on Highway 71 at 4:00 am when a tall, bipedal figure stepped into the road and ran across with long strides. In the headlights, the witness could see that its body was covered in hair. After it crossed the road it disappeared into the woods. The witness pulled over and smelled a foul odor, presumably left by the creature. (Lyle Blackburn)

2014 November / near Fouke, Arkansas – A local resident was driving along a backroad near the Sulphur River at approximately 9:30am when she saw a bipedal, ape-like animal come out of the woods and stop in the road. The creature was approximately 5 feet tall, covered in brown hair, and had dark brown eyes. It gazed at her momentarily before running into the thick woods on the other side of the road. (Lyle Blackburn)

2014 January / near Fouke, Arkansas (Doddridge) – While gathering firewood near Mercer Bayou, a local resident surprised a four-foot-tall bipedal ape-like creature (presumably a juvenile) as it made a moaning cry in the woods. When the creature ran, the witness attempted to follow, but lost sight as it ran into the murky water and dense cypress trees of the bayou. (Lyle Blackburn)

2013 February / Fouke, Arkansas – Local resident sees a large, ape-like creature crouching near a County Road in the early morning hours before sunrise. It was seen a second time in the same vicinity a few months later. (Lyle Blackburn)

2012 October / Fouke, Arkansas – Local resident sees a hairy, ape-like creature run across a County Road a few miles south of Fouke during daylight hours. The witness felt that the creature fit the description of the Fouke Monster and was confident that it was not an ordinary animal. The sighting occurred near a location where other sightings have been reported over the years. (Lyle Blackburn)

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