Stories Of Dogmen Terrifying Witnesses

Vic Cundiff hosts Dogman Encounters Radio, a show dedicated to the witnesses who have had encounters with canine-like humanoids.

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  1. Dogman are BS. It's ridiculous.

    Although, I live in Wisconsin,and we have the Beast of Brey Road that lives in and around the huge Kettle Moraine State Park. Some eyewitnesses describe it as a bipedal creature with a dog-like head. Others eyewitnesses describe it differently.

    But the dogman stuff is BS. The Beast of Brey Road is your standard bigfoot creature.

    1. Grrrrrr,I will show you,I wil I will I will ,(grizzle grizzle,sob,sigh,sob) I`ll show you all one day I reely reely reely will..really I will(sob sob grizzle sniff sniff).

    2. You had me until the last sentence.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Everybody knows acupuncturist are WAY more credible then spine "CRACKERS"! .
      If I'm wrong PROVE IT!
      U won't cause you can't,,,
      Dr. My Arce

    5. Hey 6:49 , dr.squatch #1 in cryptid research, WILL "NEVER"
      Respond too you-- WHY???
      answer is more than simple!
      THAT ANSWER BEING, He is pure

  2. What do you think of the Gable footage? It was shot in Michigan decades ago. It appears to show a dog-like creature near the end of the footage. This could be the "dogman" that people are claiming to see. The Gable footage looks convincing.

    1. ^ = INSTANT BANNAGE !!

      crime?,, low iq ism !

  3. Where are the dogwomen? That's what I'm talking about!


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