Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Secrets of Bigfoot We Didn't Know

From the History channel comes this documentary on bigfoot, which puts a group of scientists on the search for new evidence.


  1. Secrets about bigfoot we didn't know?

    Yeah, that bigfoot is folklore and doesn't actually exist.

    Bigfoot is a multi-million dollar industry. As long as money can be made, bigfoot will continue to "exist."

    1. Yes 1:12. Now reference scientists & authors, whom to your total naivety, have merely done what scientists and authors have always done in touring seminars for their hard work. If people want to attend and pay then this is evidence of their ideas becoming more accepted. The finances to fund more research aren't coming from anywhere else.

      Folklore doesn't manifest in forensic evidence... What's certain, 1:12, is that you don't know much.