Ohio Bigfoot Investigator Catches Something Bipedal Running Through The Woods

Tim Stover is hitting the backroads of Ohio's famous Salt Fork State Park. While he's pulled over, he hears something bipedal running through the dead leaf litter of the forest. Is it a bigfoot?


  1. Obviously planted hoaxed evidence by the leader of the Coalition of turd bangers. Steven is his name hoaxing is his game.

  2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yomuegnmpd3muqa/tiki_man.tif?dl=0

  3. Renae Holland is concerned what President-elect Donald Trump will mean for her rights as a lesbian and for environmental protection.

  4. ..Salt Fork State park has seen more activity the last 5 years by amateur researches than any other well defined region...Safe to say there are no populations of undocumented animals in those woods..Its unscientific to ignore negative results..Narrowing down the list of possible locales for those who come after us is a positive contribution..EEG

    1. I need to take a 5 hour drive there and show these wanna be researchers how to get proof!

  5. It was a deer trotting listen how fast the feet/hooves are hitting the leaves.


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